Living Sober requires a conscious, intentional approach. This approach will help create healthy, new set of daily disciplines that encourage longevity in recovery.  Staying sober is more than a lifestyle choice, it’s a mentality. Here are a few mental best practices for maintaining your sobriety.

Health Mode

Carefully thought-out, complementary choices, such as healthy eating, daily exercise and relationship building, will encourage a more positive overall lifestyle. Continuously striving for health-minded choices will create a holistic approach to sober living, which will help you live more healthily and happily.  While being trapped in an addiction, the normal precautions taken to ensure good health and well-being fall to the side.   Addiction is about survival, but once the recovery process has started, it is important to move towards a balanced and healthy life.


Constantly update other life objectives and create new benchmarks to look forward to achieving. Build a network around you in support of these goals. This will generate healthy motivation and continuous ambition. Keeping these goals in mind and actively participating in working toward them will create distracting, yet uplifting opportunities to curb falling back into a negative mindset. The best part of setting more goals is creating more opportunities to succeed and reward yourself! Just make a plan and try to stick to it, no matter how small the goal may seem.  Accomplishing goals, no matter how insignificant they might seem, help to build confidence and overtime create new, positive habits.

Learn To Lean On Others For Help

Know that you are not alone. Even your most unique experiences can hold similarities to the experiences of those around you. Learn to engage in constructive conversation and network with individuals with similar goals. Anything is easier with a team and being open to creating lasting connections will prove extremely valuable for achieving your sober lifestyle and other goals.  By leaning on and trusting others in our time of need, we set ourselves up for more successful outcomes.  Because of how we were living in addiction, it was hard to trust others, as we were completely untrustworthy ourselves.  Leaning on others will allows us to learn to trust more, as well as becoming more trustworthy ourselves.

Be An Optimist

Sobriety is a lifelong process. If your goals are taking longer to reach than you expected or if finding hope seems difficult, remain optimistic with an understanding that not all paths are short and straight. You will reach sobriety as long as you maintain a positive outlook toward those around you, your plan, and yourself.  We all have bad days and life still happens. With the continued practice of staying positive and not letting negative emotions dictate how the rest of our day will go, we start to enjoy life more as we understand the true meaning of serenity.

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