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Just like for you or a loved one, the goal of most drug and alcohol addicts is not just to get sober. The goal is to achieve long-term sobriety whilst living a functioning and fulfilling life. While an inpatient rehab can be an absolutely crucial step in safely detoxing for many addicts, it stops short of providing the needed therapy and support to maintain that sobriety and prevent relapse. That’s where an IOP program, sober living home, or a halfway house come into play. These programs bridge the gap and give clients the tools they need to live fulfilling, healthy, sober lives. Lighthouse Recovery in Dallas offers both Sober Living Homes and an IOP for those wanting to live at home, and we’re committed to helping our Clients achieve lasting sobriety.

Here are three reasons choosing a sober living or halfway house near you helps prevent relapse: 

1. Provides the therapy needed to discover underlying causes of addiction

Getting clean is just step one. Although you may be detoxed, your brain and body still maintain cravings. You might still experience painful triggers and have ties to toxic relationships and pressures. Lighthouse Recovery sober living homes provide a holistic, individualized approach to substance abuse treatment with individual and group therapy by licensed, Master’s level Clinicians geared at digging deep to uncover the underlying causes of addiction. Knowing the root of addiction can help combat it, replace it, and defeat it. Simply getting sober won’t help you or a loved one understand why they seek painkillers or stiff drinks after a tough day, or just any day. Entering a next step program, like sober or halfway houses, helps an addict transition out of an inpatient facility successfully. After completing a few months stint at a sober house, the addict is better prepared to live alone, soberly.

2. Develop positive coping strategies when presented with urges or triggers

A key part of the individual and group therapy offered through Lighthouse Recovery’s sober living program is the focus on developing healthy coping strategies. Therapists will help you or a loved one fully understand your unique addiction and what causes it. From there, they employ a variety of evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapies to help you develop positive coping strategies when presented with addiction urges or triggers. All of Lighthouse Recovery’s therapists are experienced in substance abuse, carrying Master’s degrees, and take an individualized approach to each Client. We even keep our sober living homes small, with no more than eight people per house, and a 3:1 resident-to-staff ratio, to ensure no individual gets overlooked or falls through the cracks.

3. Creates community of support and accountability for sober life

Like we just mentioned, our Dallas-based sober living program is intentionally kept small. Unlike some halfway houses around town that might bunk nearly 20 individuals per home, ours are intimate, with small staff-to-resident ratios. Not only does this allow each individual the opportunity to speak openly at all group therapy sessions, it allows for closer bonds between housemates. Your peers in the sober living home are just as invested in your sobriety as you, and are there to help discuss plans for sobriety back “in the real world.” You can lean on each other once you graduate, as well, knowing they’ll encourage your sobriety. Additionally, the majority of our sober living program graduates continue with Recovery Coaching. Recovery coaching is a way to transition out of full-time sober house living into the real world, but knowing you have the one-on-one support of a trained, experienced Lighthouse Recovery staff. Your recovery coach can provide continued guidance, support, and accountability as you navigate living at home again, sober.

Through our IOP programs, sober living houses, and recovery coaching at Lighthouse Recovery, our promise remains the same: to provide a safe, supportive environment for people to heal and thrive together. If you’re ready to really commit to taking back your life and living sober, give us a free, confidential call today: 214-983-1408.

Learn more about our services or contact us below to discover how Lighthouse can help you on your road to recovery today. Thank you for your trust.