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If you or a loved one is at the point in the recovery journey where you’re looking into Sober Living houses, there’s a myriad of criteria by which you might evaluate one against another. Especially in Dallas, plenty of Sober Living homes and halfway houses exist. How do you know which is the best option for your long-term sobriety? One key metric to consider is the staff-to-resident ratios, and how packed the actual sober houses are. 

Here’s 4 reasons why staff-to-resident ratios matter in Sober Living houses:

  • Personalized support

When you choose a sober house with small staff-to-resident ratios, like the Sober Living Program we offer at Lighthouse Recovery, you’re opting for more personalized support. Not only are there fewer residents per house manager to get to know and walk alongside, but there’s fewer residents in each group therapy session, and less for the therapists to juggle. Your House Manager at Lighthouse Recovery will know your journey, history, and experiences closely. They are able to be there physically and mentally for you during your sobriety journey because we only have 8 residents per home (unlike some Sober Living homes near us that bunk up to 18 residents).

  • Accountability

Because of our hyper-individualized approach in our Sober Living Program, we offer unparalleled accountability. No resident falls through the cracks. We have a 1:3 staff-to-resident ratio, meaning our team is able to quickly identify if a resident is exhibiting warning signs of a relapse, or overcome with a bout of depression that might derail their sobriety journey. We’re able to offer completely free, randomized drug testing and use that as a tool to ensure each of our residents stays sober, and achieves long-term sobriety. On the same hand, we can quickly identify if a resident has relapsed and have the small ratios to dive in deeper with that individual and get them back on track in their recovery journey.

  • Increased opportunities to share

Being in a cramped house with up to 24-30 other individuals likely feels overwhelming to even the most social butterfly. A crammed Sober Living home isn’t the most conducive environment to opening up and developing close relationships with peers or staff. At the intimate Sober Living Houses we offer here in Dallas, our small house sizes are intentional. Each resident has the chance to speak and share during group therapy, and our smaller house sizes invite close friendships between residents. There’s nothing quite like having a peer going through rehab with you to keep you accountable, and remind you you’re not alone. On the flip side, a more reserved individual might feel lost and alone in a huge house of nearly 20 peers.

  • Living space comfort

Beyond practical reasons to support long-term sobriety, having fewer residents per house and smaller staff ratios means the living situation is more comfortable and private. Some Sober Living houses put 8 individuals in a room together; at Lighthouse Recovery, only 2 residents share a room. While we offer full accountability and oversight because of our small ratios, our residents also enjoy a sense of privacy and normalcy rather than feeling like they’re at a college dorm or camp. Our houses are luxury Sober Living Homes, in nice neighborhoods with spacious backyards. Check them out here for yourself!

You can see the importance of small staff-to-resident ratios in Sober iving houses. Not only does it provide a more personalized approach to recovery, but it offers better accountability and fosters closer peer relationships. Plus, a small house size helps the living experience feel more like a “home” than a crowded camp cabin. Lighthouse Recovery offers four comfortable, luxury Sober Living Houses nearby in Dallas. Give us a call today to set up a tour, or hear more about our Sober Living Program.

Learn more about our services or contact us below to discover how Lighthouse can help you on your road to recovery today. Thank you for your trust.