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5 Reasons To Seek an Addiction Treatment Center Before or During the Holidays

For those suffering addiction, the holidays loom and may bring increased triggers, increased stress, increased urges to seek addiction, and just generally aren’t as jolly as for non-addicts. You or a loved one might be eyeing drug and alcohol rehab here in Dallas, Texas this holiday season but worry “there’s a better time.” In fact, there’s not! SAMHSA recommends using the momentum you have when evaluating an addiction treatment center, and choosing a program which can admit you within 48 hours because time is of the essence. That means even if it’s Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Eve, don’t delay! The best time to seek inpatient or outpatient rehab is when you need it and are willing to try.

Here are more reasons to get help for an alcohol or drug addiction this holiday season:


  1. You’ll get sober sooner

Most substance abuse experts agree: the best time to seek treatment is when you’re willing to participate. That means there is no “perfect” time to get sober, or enroll in an inpatient drug or alcohol treatment. Seeking help now means you’ll get sober sooner than if you decide to wait until after the holidays. And what’s the purpose of waiting until after the holidays? Your momentum and convictions might change or your addiction could get worse. So, call Lighthouse Recovery here in Dallas today (or your nearest drug and alcohol rehab).

  1. Avoid a challenging time of year

Especially if you need the 24/7 supervised support of an inpatient alcohol treatment center, by getting help during the holidays, you’re avoiding a challenging time of year. For many addicts, the extra parties and increased presence of drinking and “partying” create more urges to partake in their addiction. And, if you’re in an outpatient rehab, you can use that as an excuse to skip potentially troublesome parties or events. You’ll have a new crew of sober-minded friends from your group therapy sessions with whom you can find some festive activities that don’t involve drugs or drinking.

  1. Start the new year fresh

While length of stay will vary depending on your addiction treatment, most inpatient rehab stays last 30 days and outpatient drug and alcohol treatment centers can take a few months. Whether or not you’ve graduated from your drug and alcohol rehab program, if you begin the program around the holidays, you’ll start the new year fresh and sober. Forget other New Year’s resolutions, yours can be to graduate and stay sober!

  1. Get addiction treatment related gifts to aid your recovery

If your friends and family are big gift givers, being in rehab allows them a practical way to shower you with support during the season of giving. (Have them check out this post with ideas for what to give a loved one going through rehab).  They could even financially contribute to the program cost!

  1. Replace painful holiday experiences with positive ones

One of the best reasons to get addiction treatment now is that you’ll start replacing painful holiday memories with positive, sober ones. Perhaps during past holidays, you showed up late or high and caused fights within your family. Maybe you missed a child’s big holiday performance, and let them down. No matter how disappointing the holiday experiences of the past are, your sober experiences, if you choose, allow you to purposely create healthy, worthwhile memories. Even if you’re physically separate from loved ones, you can intentionally set up calls, send special letters, mail presents, or play virtual game nights as ways to connect.

If you’re looking for drug and alcohol treatment in Dallas, Texas, Lighthouse Recovery might be the right fit for you. We offer an Intensive Outpatient Program, a Sober Living Program, and Recovery Coaching all with the aim to achieve long-lasting sobriety. Give our team a call today and you’ll see why current and former patients rave about our experienced, dedicated staff and programming. 



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