According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drug addiction relapse rates range between 40 and 60%. For people struggling with alcohol addiction, statistics vary depending on the years since their last drink. What remains consistent is the difference that addiction recovery support makes.

Relapsing is less likely for a person who seeks help from an addiction rehabilitation facility. Furthermore, an ongoing support system helps to lessen their chances of returning to drugs or alcohol.

Lighthouse Recovery, a men’s sober living facility in Dallas, offers a holistic framework for staying sober. In addition, we help you build a firm foundation of sobriety for years to come. By giving you the support you need beyond rehab, we help you create the life you desire.

Why it’s Necessary to Have an Addiction Recovery Support System

three men sitting in the living roomIn most situations, drinking alcohol or doing drugs are isolating activities. Unless family and friends also indulge, they tend to withdraw from familiar faces. Once they decide to get clean, people who encouraged drinking or drug use fade away. Those who truly care are present.

As a person begins to get on track, relying on a support system lessens their chances for relapse. Family and friends who cheer their success for a new life help strengthen their resolve to stay sober. A healthy environment encourages healthy choices.

In contrast, being around people who abuse substances makes it difficult to abstain. Stressful situations and challenges could push a person towards using again. Also, Lighthouse Recovery offers individualized programming to ensure they adequately prepare for a smooth transition.

Aftercare Programs are Integral to Addiction Recovery Support Services

All aspects of addiction recovery support in Texas are important. At Lighthouse Recovery, our aftercare support services may include:

Typically, a person leaves a rehab program with a renewed sense of life. While they experience profound changes in their mind, body, and spirit, life after rehab can challenge those feelings.

Returning to former thoughts and behaviors is possible without help in maintaining what they learned in rehab. Aftercare treatment programs encourage active use of the coping skills they obtained. Doing so helps them build a healthy, fulfilling life.

Addiction Recovery Support Helps Family Members

All too often, family members experience the stress of having someone they love battle an addiction. Also, being unable to stop using drugs or drinking alcohol takes a toll on the person and everyone around them.

Yet, having loved ones around is an important part of addiction recovery support. It can also become difficult as loved ones try to help. Supporting an addict requires tough love and patience.

That is why rebuilding family systems is a critical component of Lighthouse Recovery’s aftercare services. Also, we help the person recovering, and their loved ones work through broken communication.

Our program helps family members show empathy and understanding to help their loved ones get better. In addition, drug or alcohol addiction can ruin relationships. We work to make sure supportive relationships remain one of the four critical pillars of recovery.

There is Strength in Numbers

Addiction recovery has many highs and lows on the recovery journey. The stress is especially great when you try to do it all on your own. Lighthouse Recovery wants to ensure that you have the addiction recovery support necessary.

In addition, an effective support system makes a recovery manageable on many different levels. Our high-end sober living facilities are small population houses with amenities such as:

  • Internet connection
  • Spacious backyard
  • Pool and ping pong tables
  • Community garden
  • Private parking

Don’t continue trying to maintain sobriety alone. Come to our addiction recovery support Texas for quality care. Call 866.484.9168 for help on your road to sobriety.