Your family plays a major role in your recovery. In fact, you and your loved ones must redefine and rebuild your whole family system. To meet these needs, Lighthouse Recovery helps you work through issues affecting your family’s mutual recovery. Part of this is family case management program designed for your unique needs.

Some of the problems families face in and after addiction prove complex. These require support, guidance, and even family case management. Together, you and Lighthouse Recovery work with your family to ensure everyone’s recovery success. You learn better communication, set boundaries, establish empathy, and improve understanding within your family unit.

Family Case Management

Your family is a vital part of your life. In fact, your family’s support plays a big role in your recovery outcome. This also means your family needs to take part in the recovery process, keep healthy boundaries, and learn about what you need for good mental and physical health. To support your family in these efforts, Lighthouse Recovery offers family case management services Dallas TX.

Family case management helps your family to take part in your recovery, as they should. It also provides programs and resources for your family, such as therapy referrals when needed. But family case management services Dallas TX also includes support for your family members’ own recovery, from the trauma caused by your addiction.

Families remain involved in your care and support at Lighthouse Recovery. As you live in your sober living home, they act as your partner in recovery. Likewise, everyone in the family takes equal footing in the family goals for improvement of your united future. In addition, through family case management services Dallas TX, you create open lines of communication, stop enabling behaviors, set boundaries, and set goals for your brighter future together.

If you need help communicating with your family, your family case management works as a liaison in this effort. At the same time, Lighthouse Recovery helps you all establish empathy and understanding.

Access to Family Therapy

If your family needs help coming together and improving family life after addiction, your case manager helps instill this into your sober living program. The Dallas area and Lighthouse Recovery resources provide options for this family counseling. Also, two of the most popular forms of counseling for loved ones are family behavioral therapy and multisystemic family therapy (MST).

Family behavior therapy works on problems that affect everyone in the family. Goals for this process include reducing risk factors for substance abuse and addiction. These risk factors include job loss, abuse, conduct issues, and family conflict. All of your loved ones take part in these sessions, such as your spouse, parents, children, and siblings.

Multisystemic family therapy corrects severe problems within your family, those of your children or adolescents coping with your addiction. Goals of MST include correcting family attitudes about drug or alcohol abuse, improving discipline, teaching how to resolve conflict, improving school activity, and stopping parents from abusing drugs or alcohol. This therapy also works to remove drugs or alcohol from your family environment forever. When your addiction causes your children or teens to rebel, this family therapy helps bring everyone back together in a cohesive household.

Of course, family therapy access is only one aspect of case management. Overall, your case managers and those for your family work to ensure you receive the programs, services, and support you all need for a better life in recovery. The family’s lifelong wellness and success is the goal for any case management.

Family Case Management at Lighthouse Recovery

The case manager for your family during your stay at Lighthouse Recovery helps your family participate in your recovery. Along with this case management, you receive a mix of addiction treatment programs and services designed to help you live your best possible future in abstinence. These programs include:

  • Upscale, male-only sober living
  • Good staff-to-client ratios
  • Individualized programs
  • Weekly off-site therapy
  • Structured group meetings
  • Social outings

Sober living homes of Lighthouse Recovery help you and your family grow and heal together, for mutually strong recovery from addiction. Call Lighthouse Recovery now at 866.484.9168 to learn more about family case management.