When you suffer addiction to drugs or alcohol, you devote every waking moment to getting more of your substances, using them, and recovering from that use. This is the cycle of addiction, the trap that locks you into its grasp. The cycle also takes up so much of your focus that you stop caring for yourself, and your life falls apart. As a result, you need life skills training after addiction, and when you seek recovery, to rebuild your daily life and properly fulfill your most basic needs.

About Life Skills Training

Life skills training program at Lighthouse RecoveryLighthouse Recovery provides a life skills training program in Dallas, TX as part of your sober living experience. While you live in Lighthouse Recovery sober living homes, you practice everyday skills that help you achieve your life goals. This life skills training helps you manage your money, take care of yourself, and maintain a quality of life that you did not experience in your addiction. Life skills training also helps you avoid relapse, by preventing a build-up of stress over fulfillment of your most basic needs.

You need a life skills training program in Dallas, TX on top of rehab treatment. This training helps you heal emotionally and prepare for your new life. The sober living environment is the perfect place for perfecting these learned skills before you return to fully independent living in your home community.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), between 40 and 60 percent of people in recovery experience relapse. But through your practiced life skills, you possess the ability to turn a relapse around and into a learning experience, one that does not devastate your recovery. Life skills help you equip yourself against triggers, cravings, and distractions of recovery. You know how to fight off temptations before relapse when you use healthy daily living skills.

What Life Skills Do You Need After Rehab?

Many life skills exist, from simply taking good care of yourself through daily hygiene to cooking, cleaning, and dealing with stress. Some of the most critical life skills for your recovery include:

Adopting Healthy Habits
You need good hygiene and proper nutrition in your new life when you want good physical and mental health. With addiction, you made your drugs or drinking your priority, and your hygiene and nutrition slipped. Now, you must focus on rebuilding your body and mind.

Structure and Routine
In recovery and for productivity in life, you need a daily routine. This routine must include specific actions and expectations for each morning, afternoon, evening, and sleep. Within your structured lifestyle, you also need to attend support groups, fitness classes, counseling, or other wellness sessions.

Social Skills
In your life skills training, you learn how to socialize again. These skills include methods for mending damaged relationships lost in your substance abuse. You learn how to control your emotions, communicate effectively, and understand others.

Financial Stability
Money creates stress for everyone. But by learning how to be responsible with your money, budgeting, and lifestyle, you prevent much of the stress that leads to relapse while propelling your life forward.

Being organized in your home and workspace helps you reach goals, too. Organized living keeps your mind clear of clutter and reduces stress, too. Part of organization is keeping a clean living space.

Medication Management
Many people need medications on a daily basis, such as for mental health disorders. Managing these medications keeps you healthy and stable, thereby helping you avoid relapse, health problems, or formation of new addictions.

Life Skills Training at Lighthouse Recovery

Lighthouse Recovery’s sober living homes provide the perfect place for learning and practicing your life skills. These homes provide safe, supported living environments where you strengthen your recovery among male peers who share your journey. Lighthouse Recovery’s sober living homes include:

Lighthouse Recovery’s life skills training opens doors to your new, bountiful life in recovery. Learn more about sober living homes and how they help you build a better future after addiction and rehab by calling Lighthouse Recovery now at 866.484.9168.