You experienced addiction as an individual. In fact, you isolated yourself. But in recovery, you do not stand alone. Through Lighthouse Recovery’s recovery case management and other programs, you gain all of the support and guidance you need for enduring sobriety.

True recovery requires a long-term approach. After all, your addiction was a response to deeper stress that you must uncover and grow to understand. Your Lighthouse Recovery Program guides you through this process by focusing on the root of your addiction, well beyond the surface problems. Through community-based approaches, off-site clinical work and recovery case management, you get the support and care you need to succeed in your own recovery.

Lighthouse Recovery’s Philosophy for Individualized Programs

Lighthouse Recovery focuses on the “why” of your addiction. This philosophy forms around working to find the root causes of your substance abuse, in order to provide the potential for your long-term recovery. Whether you went through detox and rehab once or struggled through multiple attempts at recovery, Lighthouse Recovery works to help you make your new wellness stick once and for all.

To achieve these goals, you must stop living in isolation. After all, your isolation did not work well at all. Entering sober living in Dallas automatically provides support around you, including your recovery case management services Dallas TX.

Your recovery case management services Dallas TX sees you as the individual you are, to motivate your recovery through a custom approach. These programs and services take place in a male-only, upscale environment designed for your comfort and success.

How Your Recovery Case Management Works

Your recovery case management works closely with you and your loved ones to understand your unique needs. Both in your sober living home and aftercare. When you graduate from your program at Lighthouse Recovery, you do not walk alone into your community or daily life. Instead, you maintain contact with your recovery case manager and have this support to lean on as needed.

This continuity of care gives you the best possible chance for succeeding in recovery throughout your life. Simply knowing you no longer operate in isolation and using the support, social skills, and resources gained through sober living help you stay involved in your community, actively enriched by your lifestyle and tapped into support you need, when you need it.

For your recovery case management after graduation from Lighthouse Recovery, you automatically receive a full year of follow-up monitoring. This support from resource case management includes regular check-ins on your progress, wellness, and sobriety. Your case manager then updates Lighthouse Recovery staff on your status.

Feeling Alone or Unsure of Your Road to Recovery?

It is natural to feel alone as you start looking for addiction programs or want to develop a plan for transitioning back into the community. Whether you find yourself needing early treatment or have already completed a rehab program, let Lighthouse Recovery start supporting you in this journey. You do not need to feel alone anymore and deserve support from your first recovery moments, through lifelong fulfillment.

In addition, Lighthouse Recovery provides a range of services, starting with addiction treatment referrals. After rehab, you can actively become a part of the Lighthouse Recovery community and start fortifying your recovery in sober living. Sober living programs in upscale Dallas, TX homes include:

  • Male-only sober living
  • Dallas-based recovery
  • Good staff-to-client ratio
  • Off-site therapies and support groups
  • Group meetings and outings
  • Recovery case management for 12 months

Learn more about recovery case management and support available at Lighthouse Recovery, no matter your current phase of recovery. Call 866.484.9168 to start receiving this support and access to addiction treatment referrals.