Amber Wrye

Clinical Director, M.S., L.P.C., L.C.D.C.

Amber earned a master’s degree in counseling from the University of North Texas and specializes in substance addiction and trauma. She has worked and served in the recovery mental health community in a professional capacity for over 12 years. From creating, reinventing, and establishing a residential program, leading staff members, and implementing trauma informed care to redecorating an entire facility to promote healing, Amber has a heart to serve others. She has worked in intensive outpatient, crisis stabilization, residential treatment, and consulted with other firms to assist with building better treatment programs, family services, and family education. She received training in treating trauma related disorders such as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Amber’s passion for expanding access to treatment for all people seeking recovery will help guide the next steps of Lighthouse’s growth. Amber enjoys practicing yoga, ethical volunteerism, and loves living in the heart of Downtown Dallas where the energy of the city matches her zest for life.


What inspired you to choose this profession?

My inspiration to help others is a direct result of my own recovery.  I knew that my passion in life was to help others and give back what was freely given to me in sobriety.  There is a definite satisfaction in being able to treat the underlying issues that are almost always coupled with addiction.

What would you want someone to know about working with you?

I am in this line of work to help facilitate change.  I deliver love and compassion in an individually tailored way, while using eclectic modalities and theories.  I focus on developing heuristic healing in each client I come in contact with, while being open, honest, and direct.

Why do you work at Lighthouse?

I work at Lighthouse Recovery because I believe their values and philosophy line up with my own.  I enjoy working for a company that helps individuals recover and stay recovered from addiction, through an intensive approach that includes more than just the 12 steps.

What do you wish people knew about Lighthouse who might be hesitant to try it?

Lighthouse is a safe, judgement free place to recover from addiction and underlying issues.  We use progressive counseling skills and technology to deliver the best possible outcomes for the individuals and their families.