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During these unique times of quarantine and shelter-in-place orders, many addicts are unable to get to 12-Step recovery meetings, sponsor meet-ups, and fellowship outings with their peers in recovery or rehabilitation. The onset of the coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic that none of us could’ve seen coming. This is scary, stressful, and anxiety-provoking time. This can be detrimental to us keeping safe and sober. Luckily, with the new wave of technology we have at our fingertips, we have access to so many different applications to help us stay connected and communicate with our people. Even if we aren’t able to see each other face-to-face, we are lucky to have other options.


If you are new to sobriety or recovery, this is one of the most useful tools out there. Cravings and desires can pop up unexpectedly for all addicts, no matter how much sober time you have. Sometimes we’re unable to reach anyone, even if we do everything suggested when these come up. This is where SoberTool comes in. If you get the urge to relapse just touch the app on your home screen. You will see a message pop up to help curb the craving, and get to the root issue that may be causing it. SoberTool creates personalized relapse prevention tips based on your answers to specific prompts such  as, “Are you currently experiencing stress?” or “Do you need help making a decision?” SoberTool is based on proven techniques and created by a Harvard educated and licensed chemical dependency counselor who has over 26 years of sobriety. SoberTool uses theories related to CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), 12-Step recovery practice, mindfulness training, motivational enhancement therapy, and stress reduction techniques. This mobile app even has a search engine you can use if you need help finding answers to sobriety-threatening issues and topics. You can even opt-in to daily recovery messages to help keep a strong, daily recovery program.


Sober Grid is an incredible social networking app for those in recovery. Available on both iPhone and Android, Sober Grid uses your phone’s GPS to allow you to see people in your area who are also in recovery and using the app. You have the control to either remain anonymous and follow the newsfeed, or create a profile and chat with others who are also sober during these unprecedented times. The newsfeed offers encouragement, positive quotes, updates & more to keep you connected with those in your community. The best piece of Sober Grid is the “Burning Desire” feature. If you are unfamiliar with burning desires… To have a burning desire is when your wish for something, in this case, your addiction, turns so persistent and so strong that it drives you to go for it with all you’ve got, even in adverse situations and even if it causes self-harm. This feature of the app allows you to put a red box around your profile to alert those on Sober Grid that you are at a high risk of relapse and need extra support. The best part—Sober Grid is FREE!


Nomo is the number one sobriety tracking app in the AppStore and it won the Best Alcohol Recovery Award in 2019 according to healthline.com. NOMO stands for No More. No More to bad habits. This app was created by a guy in recovery who wanted to stay encouraged to see his progress. Nomo offers a plethora of useful tools:

  • Unlimited clocks for each issue you’re working on (shareable, if you wish!)
  • Milestone chips for various lengths of sobriety
  • Helpful statistics to track things like money saved by not spending on addictive behaviors and calories burned
  • Mini-exercises and games to distract you from cravings and designed to refocus during times of stress
  • Accountability partners
  • An encouragement wall
  • Check-in timestamps that show you’re actively checking on your clock
  • Journal entries for you to get your thoughts out of your heads and on to paper

…The list goes on and on! This app is also free, easy, and private so download now to stay strong and keep motivated.

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