Case Management for Addiction and Substance Abuse

Lighthouse Recovery’s Case Management Program is a comprehensive set of individualized services focused on transitioning you or your loved one into a sustainable and successful life of recovery. Whether you are leaving Residential Treatment, Sober Living, or entering into your own recovery journey, feeling alone and without the proper support to be successful is perfectly normal. Each step forward in your process leaves you without the support of the previous step. With our Case Management Program, you have the support you need to form a solid foundation in recovery. This support will allow you to achieve short-term and long-term goals in a timeframe that works for you.

Case Management Program Features

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Life Skills Training

Lighthouse Recovery offers the support needed in the early stages of recovery to move towards a life of self-sufficiency and happiness. We work with each individual to figure out areas with room for improvement and teach the pertinent skills needed to thrive. Finances, budgeting, resume building, mock interviews, and household chores are just a few of the areas where we are able to help you grow.

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Planning and Goal Setting

Each client starts with an in-depth screening to assess the past and plan the future. It is important for us to know where you have been and understand where you want to be in the future. We help set short-term and long-term attainable goals, that allow for verifiable, marked improvements. As individuals hit short term goals and start to build confidence in their new skills, they begin to believe that their long term goals are attainable. Although every journey is unique, we have years of experience, which we use to help guide every individual to success.

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Family Empowerment

Families often see a side to the individual we do not and can pick up on early warning signs. We update the family on a weekly basis to discuss progress and address any new concerns. We value the family’s input and view supportive family involvement as a key to success, that is why when possible, we request the family’s participation in our case management program.

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Alcohol / Drug Monitoring and Screening

Not only do we hold our clients accountable for their actions and to their goals, we also conduct random drug and alcohol testing twice weekly. Additional lab testing is available upon request or on suspicion of a use event. Whether it’s random screenings or continuing to monitor decreasing levels in the system, Lighthouse Recovery’s trained staff are experts at detecting any attempt to falsify the results.

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24/7 Emergency Availability

We understand that emergencies can happen at any time of day, that is why we have our staff available to help individuals and their families around the clock while in our addiction case management program. We use our years of experience to walk you through any crisis that may occur.

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Face-to-Face Meetings

We feel it is important to work with our clients where they spend most of their time and that means inside their residence. By going into the home, we are able to learn more about the individual’s habits and help them create a safer environment. Our highly trained case managers are able to pick up on changes in the home that may indicate an issue that needs addressing.

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Network Liaisons

We believe that addiction recovery support involves many levels of communication. By allowing us to be the central hub of all communication, we are able to help keep the client on track and confirm their actions. We regularly communicate with family, therapists, AA sponsors, primary care centers, and various other professionals. This line of communication is also open to your extended networks, such as schools, work, and the legal system.

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Sober Companions

In certain circumstances, an individual needs a more intense type of case management that would include 24/7 around-the-clock companionship. Weddings, work events, holidays and other types of mandatory engagements may leave an individual in early recovery at risk and additional support is warranted. Lighthouse Recovery offers safe transportation services to assist in getting your loved between locations, usually when traveling to and from treatment.

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Relapse Prevention

Addiction is about surviving and when an individual is in survival mode, they don’t often learn pertinent life skills to be self-sufficient in life. We work closely with our clients to instill the pertinent skill sets that support lasting recovery and success in life. Because we work so closely with our clients, we are able to pick up on the subtle changes which can be indicators of an upcoming lapse back to drugs or alcohol

Why Choose Our Case Management Program?

Lighthouse Recovery helps keep you on the right path for a lifetime of recovery. Your case manager works for you as an advocate, supporter and liaison. During substance abuse case management, you will maintain a single point of contact for most of your recovery needs creating better transparency and accountability. We take the lead in the rebuilding process and help alleviate the stress that comes with struggling alone.

Lighthouse Recovery also provides resources in your local community to help supplement your work with us. Whether it is therapists, psychiatrists, doctors, lawyers, or recovery sponsors, let us use our years of experience in the local community to help connect you with the most trusted professionals for your needs. A life of addiction shrouded in shame and trauma often takes a whole team of professionals to work through and we help keep you connected through the whole process. Lifelong recovery is possible when you practice what you learn with our staff by your side.

The Lighthouse Recovery philosophy will help you to achieve the lifelong recovery you seek and learn the crucial skills necessary for freedom and happiness. Because each situation is different, we grow alongside you at a pace that makes best sense and understand that no one path is right for anyone. Each one of our case managers have been trained to the highest standards and immersed in our philosophy. Our staff are able to share their experiences from their personal recovery journey and offer insight to commonly encountered problems. Our staff meets weekly to discuss all cases, helping to ensure the best care for each individual.

A Common Ground

Years of addiction often fracture, strain, or destroy the relationships in the family. Promises are broken, trust is gone, and it’s difficult to find a starting point for healing. There can be no progress until a common ground can be found. Our “Common Ground” Philosophy allows us to listen to both sides and help find a middle ground where everyone can meet and thrive. We can show the client’s progress through verifiable actions to their family, as well as, hold the client accountable to their goals and for their actions. We take the lead in this process, which allows the relationship between the client and the family to focus more on experiencing the positive moments.

You have lived a unique life, one with your own background, family history, expectations and experiences. You need individualized support and accountability to meet personal goals. Relying solely on family support will only work for a period of time. The family needs their own space to recover. Lighthouse Recovery focuses on the accountability and structure needed for success. working to keep the family engaged in a healthy and meaningful way. The introduction of balance and healthy boundaries in the family’s relationships will allow them to continue to grow in a positive and productive manner. It is hard for any healing to occur when the family and client spend their time in turmoil and conflict. Our goal is to help facilitate the rebuilding of the family system.


Is addiction case management right for me?

We are able to work with most cases that come to us. There are however, some cases that are so severe that a residential or medical facility is the only place where they will be able to receive the help needed. Even in cases like those, we are able to work with the individual after they have completed their treatment.

Is Lighthouse Recovery's case management right for my family?

Yes, even when the addict/alcoholic is unwilling to get help, we can be there to support the family. We strive to empower every family and arm them with the tools needed to give their loved one the best possible chance at recovery. We assist in helping set and hold boundaries and grow towards a healthier family dynamic.

What is the average time needed in the case management program to be successful?

Every individual is different, therefore, their success has to be measured differently. The amount of time spent in our program, depends on the pace at which goals are met. We understand that everyone works on a different for their own personal success. We work with every client and their family to set short and long term goals on a schedule that makes sense. Once all goals are met and the client is showing stability and the skills needed for a lifetime of recovery, we consider that successful.

What are your success rates?

Because we define success differently for every client and family based on their needs and goals, it is hard to quantify. We work to achieve 100% success in all cases, however, addiction is a powerful disease. We work with each client through any setbacks that may occur and help get them back on track as quickly as possible. Even with setbacks, each person is able to be successful in achieving their personal goals.

What are your admission requirements?

Each client and family undergoes an in-depth admissions screening to determine eligibility. We collect as much information as we can about every case before making a decision on admission into our program

Does this take the place of Rehab?

No, we are not a licensed residential treatment center or hospital. Unfortunately, the severity of certain cases warrant a much higher level of care for stabilization. When the client is stabilized and leaving a rehab or hospital, they usually become eligible for our services. Our in depth admissions screening will determine which level of care is needed if you are not eligible for our services.

How do we start?

Contact us today for your free admission screening or if you have any questions.