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The Fourth of July is undoubtedly the biggest holiday of the summer. It’s a time when families break out the bar-be-cue and friends get together to celebrate in red, white and blue style. 

Dallas is known for being a popular destination among July 4th vacationers. It has been rated one of the best cities for July 4th celebrations in the country, and the top city in Texas for the Fourth of July. Fort Worth is also high on the list. So, if you’re looking for some fun during the holiday, DFW is the place to be. That includes anyone who’s looking for a great selection of July 4th activities that won’t put your sobriety at risk. 

Take Part in Dallas Addiction Center Events

Dallas addiction centers may not offer all of their regular services and treatments on holidays, but many of them organize special events for their clients and the general public. Holiday events that are hosted by addiction treatment centers are perfect because you know you won’t feel tempted or pressured at any point. It’s also an opportunity to connect with more people who are in recovery or living sober.  

Also, if possible attend a morning meeting. It will help improve your resolve to stay sober during the Fourth of July celebrations all the way through the fireworks display at the end of the night. 

Cool Off at a Local Swimming Hole

There’s one given in Texas on the Fourth of July holiday – it’s going to be hot. Instead of increasing your stress levels by standing in the heat to watch parades and concerts, why not cool off in a local swimming hole? 

Lake Grapevine – You can take a dip after hitting the bike trail around the lake. 

Lake Ray Roberts – The lake is noted as one of the cleanest in the area and there’s easy access to amenities like bathrooms and grills. 

Burger’s Lake – If you’re looking for a little more activity, then this spring-fed swimming spot is perfect. It has a trapeze, slides and diving boards.

In addition to beating the sweltering heat, spending the holiday at a swimming hole you’ll avoid the big crowds that can trigger anxiety. 

Volunteer for a Veterans Organization

On July 4th we all feel a surge of patriotism, and it puts the spotlight on the women and men who have put themselves in harm’s way to defend the country. The holiday is a great time to honor those patriots by volunteering with a veterans organization. 

Volunteering is great for mental, emotional and physical health in general, but doing this kind of volunteer work is especially meaningful given that so many veterans battle addiction. It will create a whole new level of appreciation for the holiday and gratitude for living in the U.S. 

Stay In and Celebrate With Sober Friends

If you feel like the celebrations are going to be too difficult to deal with, then it’s perfectly fine to politely decline invites. The better bet would be to invite a few sober friends over to celebrate at your place. For people who are in a Sober Living Home, Fourth of July is the perfect reason to have a get together with the other residents. 

Hosting a holiday party can be stressful, but it also gives you more control over the situation. If you think it will be too much to take on yourself, ask a few friends to help you with the planning and hosting duties to split up the responsibilities. 

Master Your Grilling Skills

Take the emphasis off of the drinks and turn your attention to food this Fourth of July. Whether you prefer hotdogs or hamburgers, use the holiday to master your grilling skills. You can turn it into a real event by taking time to research cooking methods, making a trip to the store to gather the ingredients and inviting a few friends to compete in a grill off. 

If you’re enrolled at an addiction treatment center you can possibly team up with the activities coordinator. See if they’d be willing to hold a grilling class or host an actual cook-off that everyone can join.
Are you looking for a supportive, sober community this Fourth of July? Lighthouse Recovery’s Dallas addiction center doesn’t just provide treatment. We build relationships with clients and strive to create a real sense of community where everyone feels welcome and supported. Call the admissions team or visit our addiction recovery center to learn more about how Lighthouse Recovery lays the foundation for long-term sobriety.

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