We take great care during our interview and assessment process to ensure potential residents are a good fit for our program. The questions listed here will help our staff best determine the level and type of service needed.

We are truly honored to help in way we can. If you need someone to talk through an issue or situation you’re dealing with, please get in touch. No commitment or payment is required for an initial consultation.

All Inquiries Are 100% Confidential

With any questions, or to talk with one of our staff members, please contact us

by phone:


by email:


or on Facebook:


Thank you for your trust.

Financing Options:

As Lighthouse is a private-pay-only provider, we’ve partnered with Optimum Treatment Financing to offer a number of flexible payment options for clients. To submit an inquiry please click here. Your credit score will NOT be impacted and decisions are usually made within a couple minutes.