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How to Feel Thankful During the Holidays When You or a Loved One Is in Rehab


With Thanksgiving around the corner, some families may be welling up with any feeling but gratitude. For families or individuals who’ve been affected by addiction, special seasons and holidays evoke more pain than excitement. At Lighthouse Recovery in Dallas, we know what it’s like to walk through the holidays struggling with the disease of addiction; and we know what it’s like to walk alongside a loved one who’s in an alcohol or drug rehab facility this time of year. We offer a Sober Living Program right here in Dallas, and an Intensive Outpatient Program with family therapy components; a main focus during the fall is coping around the holidays and navigating family dynamics when a loved one is in or recently graduated from an outpatient or inpatient rehab.

Here’s a list of a few ways to feel thankful even if you or a loved one is in alcohol or drug rehab in Dallas (or elsewhere!):


Recognize small wins 

Truly, seeking the good and finding hope amidst a complex disease like addiction can be the most challenging of all. But, whether it’s you who’s currently in outpatient or inpatient rehab or a loved one, actively find and recognize small wins. Whether you’re days, weeks, months, or years into your sobriety, think of past holiday seasons. How is this one already different? You are working to get better, making hard choices, replacing toxic coping strategies with healthy ones. Acknowledge the growth in yourself or your loved one. If you’re the one struggling, share your small wins! If it’s your loved one, TELL them the growth you see. Taking time to celebrate the little wins goes a long way in motivation, especially when the road ahead is long.

See the big picture

Residing in an inpatient rehab or sober living facility rather than at home in Dallas might diminish the holidays. The facilities aren’t what you’re used to for these memory-making seasons, and it feels less than jolly. Try to see the big picture: doing the hard work now to get sober means you’re less likely to end up spending the next holiday under the influence, blacked out, or accidentally missing festivities. You’ll be able to enjoy them with a fresh, sober set of eyes and be more present with your family. And, for that hope, you should be grateful!

Make amends

Whether you’re the one who caused family fights at holidays’ past because of the addiction, or if you know you’ve said unkind words to your loved one struggling with addiction, make amends. Both parties can seek forgiveness, and it doesn’t mean the addiction or behavior was condoned. Through our Sober Living Program and Intensive Outpatient Program at Lighthouse Recovery here in Dallas, we offer family therapy to cover difficult topics like forgiveness, reconciliation, and making amends (even when there’s still hurt). What better way to welcome the holidays than with a clean slate?

Use your growth to help others

If you’re currently in an inpatient or outpatient rehab facility, you have an opportunity to dig into your recovery and help others. Maybe seek out the “new person” and chat with them. Your experiences, while different, help others struggling with addiction feel less alone. Helping others is a sure way to grow your gratitude this season. For people and families affected by addiction, the holidays might create negative feelings of anger or bitterness. At Lighthouse Recovery, we’re here to help you and your loved ones lean into the gratitude available this season, and keep fighting for a long-lasting sobriety. Our drug rehab facilities here in Dallas include four Sober Living homes, and an award-winning IOP program. Give us a confidential, free call today to get started on your journey to life-long sobriety, hopefully never spending another holiday season with the burden of addiction again.



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