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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) treatment plans are individualized and evidence-based with the goal of making a positive impact on a person’s recovery from addiction. The programs are meant to help those who have severe symptoms and functional limitations stemming from behavioral health problems. 

A PHP helps build a supportive environment that’s ideal for addiction recovery while giving participants the skills, knowledge and resources to cope with day to day stressors and responsibilities as they recover. Day by day, participants learn to manage their addiction and enjoy a number of benefits that serve them in all parts of their lives.  

The Many Benefits of a Partial Hospitalization Program in Dallas, TX 

What you’ll gain from a Partial Hospitalization Program in Dallas depends on a number of factors. Your individual needs, goals, motivation and level of effort all play a role in what you take away from a PHP. Each participant has a unique experience, but there are some common ways that most people benefit from being in a PHP.  

Participants Have an Active Hand in Their Treatment Plan

Enrolling in a PHP involves a treatment plan. That plan is developed by a number of people, including the participant who is encouraged to provide input. You may also be asked to review the treatment plan when the medical team determines an update is needed.

This is welcome news for many people who think that entering rehab centers in Dallas, TX means giving up all control. We believe that one of the most important aspects of a PHP program is allowing patients to have an active hand in their treatment plan because it helps ease them back into managing life on their own. 

Identify Your Needs and Goals

The initial assessment is thorough because it will help identify your needs and goals. The treatment plan should be developed with the needs and goals in mind so that the most appropriate strategies are used. These needs and goals will also serve as a benchmark for how much progress is being made in the program. 

Structure That Builds Support and Confidence

Early in addiction recovery it’s easy to doubt yourself. It’s easy to fall into the mental trap of thinking that no one else understands and maybe you don’t deserve to be helped. Partial Hospitalization Programs are designed to first and foremost create a supportive environment that is highly structured. Support paired with structure helps patients regain their independence and confidence while still providing necessary oversight. 

Step by step participants know they have a team of experts there to guide them that are just as committed to their recovery. 

Issues Beyond Addiction Are Addressed

Partial Hospitalization Programs don’t just aid in substance abuse recovery. Identifying the underlying issues that led to the addiction is another priority. Often these issues can cause mental health problems beyond substance abuse, and exploring them is productive for long-term sobriety. 

Rebuilding Skills for Life

In group therapy and individual therapy you’ll work on rebuilding skills that may have diminished or been lost during the addiction. The skills that are taught depend on the needs of the individual but typically include:

  • Communication skills
  • Life skills
  • Mindfulness training
  • Occupational skills

Improve Family Relations

A Partial Hospitalization Program in Dallas can sometimes involve the family of the participant. After the assessment, the overseeing physician could determine that family therapy needs to be part of the treatment plan. Family therapy can help all members better understand the participant’s health condition and how to foster a supportive environment that promotes recovery. Sessions can also focus on improving communication among family members and building each person’s coping skills.

Help Others on Their Road to Recovery

A lot of research has gone into the powerful psychological and physical benefits that we get when we help others. We get such an uplifting feeling from helping others that it can alleviate chronic pain, increase happiness and help regulate emotions – all of which are highly beneficial while recovering from substance abuse. 

Being part of a PHP program means that you can help others that are in a similar situation. One of the primary functions of group therapy is for peers to learn from one another. Sharing your experiences, setbacks and triumphs can help others gain a better perspective and even avoid pitfalls altogether. You’ll also be a part of their support system that’s there to give encouragement, lend a helping hand and celebrate wins together. 

Every participant can feel good knowing that they contribute to the Lighthouse Recovery PHP. We use every experience with each participant as an opportunity to learn and improve the program for future participants. 

These are just some of the many benefits that can be experienced when you join a Partial Hospitalization Program at one of the addiction treatment centers in Dallas. Lighthouse Recovery’s PHP is highly individualized starting with an in-depth evaluation with a trained professional who will discuss your unique needs and goals for the program.
Find out if a Partial Hospitalization Program in Dallas should be the next step in your recovery. 


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