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While some may be rolling their eyes at the rows of holiday decorations littering retail stores, the holidays (many of them!) are fast approaching, and it’s extremely beneficial to have a plan in place well before they hit if you’re struggling with, or have struggled with, addiction. Lighthouse Recovery in Dallas, Texas offers an individualized, supportive Outpatient Program through our IOP as well as luxury Sober Houses. Wherever you are in your substance abuse journey, we are here to help you get better and achieve long-term sobriety. Simply give us a call and we can help you assess whether our programs are a solid fit or a detox stay is needed first.

For the two groups of people – those who haven’t entered addiction therapy and those who have – we’ve got some tips to control your addiction before the holidays.

For those individuals or loved ones who haven’t yet started alcohol or drug rehab:


  • Connect with a supportive outpatient or inpatient program today

The fact that you’re here willing to read and learn about controlling your addiction is a sign you’re ready to begin the battle. Use the momentum that brought you here to call a few alcohol or drug rehabs in Dallas (or your preferred city) to seek availability. 

  • Detox

Depending on where you are in your addiction journey, you likely need to detox. If it’s a severe addiction, it’s vital to enter an inpatient detox program, like a hospital rehab center, so dangerous side effects can be medically-managed. Most inpatient stays last around a month, so if you get started TODAY, you can be clean by winter. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to start the new year?

  • Enroll

Start your alcohol or drug rehab today! SAMHSA suggests choosing a program which can admit you within 48 hours because time is of the essence.

For those who are currently in a addiction treatment or recently graduated:


  • Talk with your recovery coach or support network

Your recovery coach and support network can discuss what they’ve done over holidays past, potential triggers you might not think about, and ways to navigate the time sober.

  • Decide who and what are safe to be around

Only you know who is a safe, encouraging person to support your sobriety over the holidays. That may or may not include family. Because this can be a sensitive subject, it’s best to approach that conversation early and clearly. Your recovery coach, therapist, or even peers from your supportive outpatient program can help provide tips for how best to communicate your absence from family holiday celebrations. Additionally, think about what events are toxic. If there’s a certain egg-nog fueled party that would make it too hard not to partake, plan now to skip it. Communicate that honestly with the host, and if you want, plan an alternative, safe hang. 

  • Plan your own parties

If thinking about the holidays causes loneliness, thinking about missing a lot of activities, plan your own (safe) events! If you’re still at a sober house, plan a white elephant gift exchange with your crew. If you’ve recently graduated from an IOP or other outpatient program, reach out to your peers and set up a fancy holiday dinner. Take your children, nieces/nephews, or friends’ kids to drive around looking at holiday lights. You can make this season special and rich with experiences without using drugs or alcohol!

We’re here for you before the holidays, during the holidays, and after the holidays. Lighthouse Recovery in Dallas offers a personalized, evidence-based approach to addiction therapy, with Master’s level clinicians and small group sizes leading to long-term sobriety. We’re available to discuss you or a loved one’s unique substance abuse treatment plan today, so give us a call!

Learn more about our services or contact us below to discover how Lighthouse can help you on your road to recovery today. Thank you for your trust.