Intervention and Transportation

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We work closely with each family to understand their specific needs and using a variety of data points, match them with a Dallas interventionist best suited for the case. This dramatically improves success rates.


A successful intervention follows a systematic process whereby an assessment and proper preparation is the foundation. Our interventionists work closely with all parties to create an environment that increases the likelihood of success.


Our interventionists in Dallas work closely with family members to be an educational resource and provide insight about both the intervention process and what to expect in the days and weeks to come.

Safe and Secure

Our interventionists are trained, licensed professionals with years of experience in the field. We've worked on numerous cases with a high-degree of success. We're here to help both the family and the client start their recovery journey.

Tailored Intervention Services

Lighthouse Recovery is able to leverage our industry relationships and experience to best match the client to the type of treatment he or she needs. No intervention is the same, and the type of care necessary for the client can vary dramatically. We work closely with the family to develop a long-term treatment plan and create an environment where the cycle of addiction can finally be broken. A successful intervention is the start of the recovery journey for both the family and the client. We employ a multi-step approach, from an initial assessment to a post-intervention follow-up, to make sure each client and their family receives the care they need. Our intervention services in Dallas include:

• Highly-trained professionals with years of experience
• Each interventionist is matched with the client and family using a multi-factor approach
• In-depth initial assessment covering physical and mental health, social network, substance abuse history, educational history, and financial considerations
• Guided preparatory session with the family covering rules, roles, and responsibilities
• Guided intervention session by a trained professional to reduce the stress on family and improve likelihood of individual agreeing to seek treatment
• Post-intervention follow-ups and interaction with chosen treatment team to increase likelihood of long-term success

Safe and Secure Transportation

Post-intervention, safe and sober transportation is necessary to get the client to the chosen treatment center. We have seen too many times that post-intervention, clients leverage family members during the trip to treatment to turn back around. By using our transportation services, families dramatically increase the likelihood of clients arriving at their destination without detours and without the chance of relapse mid-trip. Our transportation services after an intervention include:

• Transportation provided via car or airplane
• Insured and licensed drivers, trained in sober transportation and crisis management
• When used in conjunction with our intervention services, we’re able to provide a cohesive experience
• Reduces stress on the family when clients try to talk family out of treatment
• Reduces chance of relapse mid-trip

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Intervention?

An intervention is a highly planned and tailored event in which a group of family and/or friends intervene on a loved one that is suffering from addiction or mental health issues.   The goal is to convince the suffering person to agree to receive help for their issues and thus, start their own personal recovery journey.

Why should I use a trained and licensed Interventionist?

Using a trained and licensed interventionist often gives you the best chance for success, while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the person you are trying to help.   A lot of things can go wrong in an intervention.  Only a trained and licensed interventionist will be able to guide the process in the direction it needs to go if something does go wrong.   The interventionist is able to offer support to all the parties involved in the interventionist.

What is a Sober Transport?

A sober transport is a trained professional that assists in getting your loved one to the treatment needed, safely.

Why should I use a Sober Transportation service?

Often times, there are a lot of emotions involved for all parties involved when sending a love one off for addiction treatment.   The use of this service drastically improves the chances of your loved one arriving at treatment safe and sound.

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