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All of us sweat the small stuff at one point or another. When we do, we strive for control because we want everything to be perfect. What we should be doing in those moments, however, is remaining calm. Once our stress reaction is activated, hormones go coursing through our brains and our temper can flare up. Some people can let things go easily, while others will sweat the small stuff. It’s important to have the tools necessary to keeping your cool while you are in recovery because we all know that recovery can get messy every once in a while.


Staying Calm When You Feel Inconvenienced

It can be annoying to be inconvenienced, especially when we have other things we need to do and other places we need to be. When you’ve been inconvenienced, it can be easy to slip into an emotional tailspin. Instead of letting your emotions take over, however, it’s good to reframe the situation. For example, let’s say you went out of your way to pick up a friend for a 12-Step meeting. But, halfway there, they call you and tell you they will not be able to make it. You might feel inconvenienced that you drove out of your way only to be told it wasn’t necessary. You probably think of the other ways you could’ve spent that time if you weren’t driving to their house. Here’s the thing: you don’t know the situation, so try not to make assumptions. Instead, reframe your point of view. Don’t tell yourself that you wasted your time. Instead, remind yourself that it’s okay to take the scenic route once in a while. If you really feel the need to voice your frustrations, do so in a calm and polite manner. Staying calm and remaining polite is the way to go so that you don’t burn bridges.


Staying Calm When You Feel Anxious

Anxiousness has plagued us all. It’s a difficult emotion to sit with because we want to get up and control the situation, but we usually do not have any way to do so. But control, however, may not be the best route to take. We can’t always control everything around us. There are other people in our world and just like they cannot control us, we cannot control them. It’s important to remind yourself that staying calm is the way to go when you feel anxious. For example, suppose you are running late to a therapy appointment, and, lucky you, you get pulled over. Getting pulled over can spur anxiety in anyone, but especially so when you are running late to a scheduled appointment. In order to stay calm, remind yourself that you can problem-solve. Try to find a solution to your problem. In this case, you will call your therapist when it is safe to do so and tell them that you are running a few minutes late. More often than not, they will handle it politely and tell you not to worry. Finding a solution to your problem helps you stay calm when anxiety begins to take over.


Staying Calm When You Feel Disappointed

Feeling disappointed isn’t a great feeling. We’ve all been disappointed, which leads to hurt. Just like we don’t want to let other people down, others don’t want to let us down. But, it happens. You’ve got to learn how to deal with disappointment with a level head, staying calm and keeping your composure. For example, you may have been planning to attend a sobriety retreat to celebrate a milestone. However, you are disappointed when you find out that the retreat was postponed. This would disappoint anyone, especially when it’s something you have been looking forward to for a while. It can be hard to remain calm when disappointment hits, but it’s not impossible. To remain calm, remind yourself that there is at least one thing to be optimistic about. If you believe that everything happens for a reason, find that silver lining. If not, there’s still something good you can come up with if you just think optimistically. If your event was postponed, now you have something to look forward to in the future. Find that silver lining.


Staying Calm When You Feel Defeated

Every so often, we might find ourselves with our backs against the wall. Sometimes, we might drop the ball. It’s important to remind yourself that everyone makes mistakes. No one likes feeling defeated, but remind yourself that everyone has been there. You can find a way to remain calm once you clear your head. For example, maybe you’ve been working really hard at staying sober. You might have slipped up and used over the weekend, but you know it was a mistake. Instead of focusing on the fact that you used, focus on the present moment. If you’re currently sober, focus on keeping it that way. Be present in everything you do, giving it your full attention. Repeat a positive affirmation to yourself and allow yourself the space to be okay. You deserve to be okay, regardless of a mistake you made.


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