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On the Road to Recovery With PHP Behavioral Health Therapy

When you’re beginning addiction recovery the long road ahead can feel overwhelming. One thing that certainly helps is enrolling in a treatment program that provides guidance, structure and support. That’s exactly what you’ll receive when you enroll in a Partial Hospitalization Program in Dallas, TX. 

A Partial Hospitalization Program can help in a variety of ways when you’re on the road to recovery, just don’t expect it to be the final destination. 

Why Partial Hospitalization Programs Are Effective for Recovery

Partial Hospitalization Programs have a lot to offer on the road to recovery, particularly because this type of treatment can be useful at various stages. You can start the recovery process by joining a PHP or transition to one after an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or in-patient rehab. 

A Partial Hospitalization Program is sort of a combination of IOP and in-patient rehab. Patients are able to stay at home, however, they come to the addiction recovery center 5+ days a week for therapy. So there’s some independence, but the patient still has a lot of support to stay on track. For many people this is a comfortable fit that isn’t as intimidating as in-patient rehab but offers more oversight and structure than an IOP. 

Even though a PHP involves a lot of group therapy, it’s still considered an individual therapy program in TX at our facilities. When you are enrolled in a PHP the first step is an in-depth assessment. This assessment is used to create a personalized treatment plan while you are in the PHP. As the program progresses that treatment plan will evolve to continue to meet your needs and changing goals. A whole team of medical professionals from psychiatrists to Recovery Coaches are there to help you through the early stages of sobriety. 

Other key benefits of a PHP is that it helps you rebuild social skills, improve relations with loved ones and address other coexisting mental health problems. 

Timeframe for Partial Hospitalization Programs

One of the most common questions about Partial Hospitalization Programs is how long a PHP will take to complete. There actually isn’t a set timeframe for a Partial Hospitalization Program at our addiction recovery center. When the program is completed is dictated largely on the needs of the individual and the progress that they are making. 

That being said, the goal isn’t for the patient to stay in a Partial Hospitalization Program forever. Most PHPs are designed to be 2-4 weeks long. 

What’s Next on the Road to Recovery After a PHP?

It’s good to take it one thing at a time during recovery, but you also prepare for the road ahead. Completing a Partial Hospitalization Program isn’t the end destination. Addiction recovery is an ongoing process. What you do after a PHP depends on several factors, the most important one being how much support you feel you need to maintain your sobriety. 

After finishing a PHP many patients opt to continue treatment by enrolling in an Intensive Outpatient Program. IOPs offer similar cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction, but it isn’t as intense as a PHP. You’ll spend less time in treatment, visit with therapists less often and have less oversight in general. An IOP is a good step towards handling sobriety on your own while still having some professional support. If you feel like it’s more difficult to maintain sobriety you can always re-enroll in the PHP.

Others decide to stay at a Sober Living Home after a PHP, if they aren’t in one already. Sober Living Homes have a staff member who lives onsite to assist the residents that are all in addiction recovery. It provides a stable living environment with peer support and counseling as you gain more independence.  

Although it isn’t recommended, some people decide to go it on their own after completing a PHP. While a Partial Hospitalization Program provides an amazing foundation for sobriety, going from a PHP to no therapy and support at all is a big transition that many people aren’t ready for quite yet. 

The Lighthouse Partial Hospitalization Program in Dallas, TX is personalized for each patient to meet their unique needs and goals. It all starts with a free assessment with a trained professional that can determine if a PHP is the right step to take on your road to recovery. Schedule an assessment online.


Learn more about our services or contact us below to discover how Lighthouse can help you on your road to recovery today. Thank you for your trust.