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We take a long-term approach to addiction aftercare with the understanding that drug and alcohol dependency is a symptomatic response to deeper psychological stress.

The Lighthouse Recovery Program is designed to focus at this level, at the root of one's addiction, not merely on the surface. Core to our recovery program is a community-based approach coupled with off-site clinical work that dramatically improves continuity of care and long-term outcomes.

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Individualized Addiction Recovery Program

Individualized Programming

We work closely with each individual and their family to provide a truly best-in-class aftercare approach. Our graduating residents see significantly better long-term results by building a base of sustainable sobriety that looks at all aspects of the individual's life - not just the drugs and/or alcohol. 

Clinical Focus on Addiction Recovery

Clinical Focus

We work closely with a variety of therapists, providing a holistic approach that best supports each individual. We support a variety of therapeutic needs such as E.M.D.R. Therapy, Sex Addiction, Shame, Trauma, and Dual-Diagnosis. One individual therapy session (held off-site) per week is included.

The Lighthouse Recovery Program has the best staff-to-resident ratio

Staff-to-Resident Ratio

(Maximum) of 3-to-1 Staff-to-Resident Ratio. Our management structure is designed specifically for Sober Living - being comprised of an Executive Director, Operations Director, House Manager(s), and Support Staff. All of our House Managers are Full-Time, Live-In, and P.R.S.S. Certified.

Addiction Recovery Program Dallas

Program Disclosure

We ensure communication between the resident, their family, Primary Care Center, and the therapist is seamless and that all parties are working together as needed. We also act as a liaison between our residents and their extended networks, i.e. schools, work, and/or the legal system. 

Addiction Treatment in Dallas, Texas

Continuity of Care

Most addiction treatment studies show direct correlation between time spent in sobriety and long-term success rates. Our all-inclusive recovery program builds upon investments made in inpatient and outpatient programs. 

The Lighthouse Recovery Program in Texas

Family Systems

Redefining and rebuilding family systems are a critical component of the Lighthouse Recovery Program. As a centralized resource, we work through issues such as communication, boundary setting, and establishing empathy and understanding.

Addiction Recovery Program with Life Skills Training

Life Skills Training

We work with our residents across a variety of life skills such as: time and task management, goal setting, stress management, and situational awareness. We’ve also partnered up with True Link Financial® to help residents more effectively manage their finances.

Extended Monitoring with Lighthouse Recovery Program

Extended Monitoring

All Lighthouse Recovery residents, post graduation, are automatically enrolled in 12 months of follow-up monitoring whereby a case manager checks in regularly and provides status updates to our staff.

All inclusive recovery program for addiction


All homes are always stocked with a variety of nutritional foods and we’ll work to accommodate special dietary needs if necessary. 

Dallas Addiction Recovery Free Transportation


We provide transportation to and from therapy sessions, AA meetings, and if necessary, work and/or school.

Recovery Program for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

 Randomized Testing

Urinalysis and Breathalyzer Tests are performed often, at random, at no additional cost.

Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Program in Dallas

Medication Supervision

All Staff are trained to monitor medication. We work closely with the resident's medical team to ensure proper dosage and compliance.

Community Development

In addition to Individual Programming, we strive to create safe, supportive, and structured communities. We take great care in initial and ongoing assessments to ensure every member of our recovery program is an active participant in their home. 

We look at community design from every angle - from the design and layout of our residences to a variety of ongoing activities and group sessions. Shown here are a handful of the many community programs held regularly at Lighthouse Recovery. 


"Process" Meetings per week


"Small" Meeting per week


"Meditation" Meetings per week


Community Events per month

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“Lighthouse is the perfect Extended Care Program. The staff go above and beyond to meet the needs of the residents. I couldn’t ask for more and am the happiest I have ever been in my life.”

Alex C.
“Without Lighthouse I would probably be just a memory for my loved ones. They taught me a new way of living and how to treat and accept others, including myself, for who they are. Thank you for saving and changing my life.”

Landry L.
“As a chronic relapser I’ve been to several Sober Livings. They were run-down, unprofessional, and only cared about money - not the clients. Lighthouse truly cares and are always willing to go the extra mile.”

Alex B.

Sustainable Recovery

After years spent in the Addiction Industry, our team witnessed firsthand the ineffectiveness of many recovery programs. Many of our residents have been through multiple Inpatient Treatments and Sober Living Programs with no lasting success. Our all-inclusive model is designed to be dramatically more cost-effective for residents and their families.

In addition to ongoing Staff and Community support, Lighthouse provides an array of proven methodologies all under one roof - dramatically improving efficacy, cohesion, and communication during the aftercare process. We are process-obsessed and results-driven. 

Treatment Centers, Residents, and Families choose the Lighthouse Recovery Program when looking for individualized care and a healing of the core issues that drive addiction.



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+ Is there a minimum length of stay?

We verbally (not financially) ask all residents to complete a 3-month stay. We feel this is the minimum amount of time needed to build a foundation of sustainable sobriety.

+ What is your intake process?

We begin with a phone call, then an in-person interview with our Program Director. We take great care during this process to ensure all residents are a good fit for our program.

+ What are your admission requirements?

Any male (18 and over) is possibly eligible for residence if he meets the following requirements:

• Has NEVER been charged or convicted of a sex crime, violent crime, and/or arson.

• Must be psychiatrically stabilized.

• Potential resident must come directly from an Inpatient Treatment program or have at least 30 days clean and sober. We will undertake special consideration of others on a case-by-case basis.

• Potential resident wants to live in a safe, supportive community for the purpose of remaining clean and sober.

• Commits to at least a 90-day length of stay.

+ What is the procedure if a resident relapses?

Relapses are managed on a case-by-case basis. If necessary, we facilitate the client's transfer to a more intensive level of care. As much intention as we take in our intake process, we take in the discharge process. No client is simply kicked out of our homes without a careful plan put in place.