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Some of the most common questions we receive about our Partial Hospitalization Program in Dallas, TX relates to when this type of program is needed. There are three primary types of treatment programs for addiction:

Each program addresses addiction in different ways, and while some form of treatment is usually better than none, choosing the right one is important in recovery. You want to make sure you have an adequate level of support for wherever you’re at in the recovery process. Many patients find that a PHP offers the right balance of day-to-day treatment, however, that can depend on when you enroll in the program. 

Signs the Timing Could Be Right for a PHP Behavioral Health Program 

Partial Hospitalization Programs tend to offer a good combination of treatment and normalcy for people who are in addiction recovery. In some cases, they are also considered to be an ideal transitional program as a patient moves from abusing substances regularly to maintaining long-term sobriety. 

It could be a good time for enrolling in a PHP if:

  • You’ve Completed an In-Patient Program

A Partial Hospitalization Program can make transitioning out of in-patient care easier. It’s a gradual step down in the intensity of the treatment, where patients have more independence but are still in treatment 5-7 days a week. 

  • You Find That an IOP Doesn’t Offer Enough

A PHP is going to offer more structure and oversight than an IOP. If you find that you need more time in treatment, then transitioning to a Partial Hospitalization Program could be the right decision.  

  • You Need to Maintain Your Job

Addiction treatment must be a top priority, but there are times when a patient needs to maintain their job and can’t be in an in-patient program more than a week or two at most. In these cases, a PHP is a starting point that can help patients change behaviors that lead to substance abuse. 

  • You Have a Strong Support System at Home

Because patients are away from the treatment facility at night and sometimes for 24 hours or more at a time, a PHP is most successful when the patient has a strong support system at home. Supportive loved ones can serve as accountability partners and help maintain sobriety by creating a positive environment where there are no temptations or triggers.  

Signs It’s Not Time for a Partial Hospitalization Program

Although we’ve found that our Partial Hospitalization Program in Dallas can be an ideal course of treatment for many patients, it’s not appropriate for everyone at any given time. 

It might not be a good time for enrolling in a PHP if:

  • You Still Struggle With Severe Substance Abuse

Whenever someone has severe substance abuse issues in-patient care is usually best. A lot of oversight is needed during the detox period and initial recovery when relapse is most likely. 

  • You Don’t Have a Stable Living Environment Yet

A stable living environment is critical when you’re in a Partial Hospitalization Program because you will be on your own at home every night. If there is any doubt on where you will be living or who you will be living with, then other solutions may be needed. That’s also the case if your home is in an area or around people that increase the chances of relapsing.  

Staying at a Sober Living home can provide the stability that’s needed to successfully move into a PHP behavioral health program. Residents also get the support of peers who can provide empathy and accountability. 

  • You’ve Maintained Sobriety for a Prolonged Period

Hopefully every patient gets to the point where they have maintained sobriety long enough that they feel comfortable having less oversight and spending less time in therapy sessions. That’s when an Intensive Outpatient Program might be the best form of treatment. 

You can contact us to learn more about the Lighthouse Recovery Partial Hospitalization Program in Dallas or schedule a free assessment with a trained professional. The assessment will give you a better idea of whether a PHP behavioral health program is suitable for where you’re at in recovery. 

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