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Knowing whether or not you or a loved one should go to a professional drug or alcohol rehab might seem complicated. But, if you want to skip this quiz (no failing grade for doing so!) and get the short answer… it’s yes. If you have a suspicion you need help for a drug or alcohol addiction, you most likely do. Entering into a professional rehab center here in Dallas like Lighthouse Recovery is one of the bravest and most beneficial tools to fighting and overcoming your substance abuse problem. After an inpatient stay and getting medically detoxed, you still need professional help and tools to discover the underlying causes and conditions of addiction, healthy ways to cope and fight triggers, and how to prevent relapse. That’s what can happen through our IOP or Sober Living Program at Lighthouse Recovery.

Without further ado, here is a quick yes/no quiz to help you gauge whether or not your drug or alcohol addiction needs professional help:

  1. Do you want to stop doing drugs or consuming alcohol?
  • No: okay, keep going on the quiz!
  • Yes: yes here is worth calling a drug or alcohol rehab center in Dallas. Depending on the severity of your addiction, trying to quit alone without medical supervision could be extremely dangerous because of the withdrawal side effects. A call is quick, confidential, and free; most facilities can help you or direct you to the appropriate resource.
  1. Have you tried to quit your drug or alcohol addiction before but were unable to maintain sobriety?
  • No: continue with the quiz!
  • Yes: yes here indicates a professional toolbelt is needed to combat the powerful disease of addiction. There’s no shame in seeking drug or alcohol addiction help here in Dallas, and the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be on the road to sobriety. 
  1. Has anyone talked to you about needing help for alcohol addiction or drug rehab?
  • No: keep going!
  • Yes: a yes here shows there’s substantial concern about your substance abuse problem. While we’re sure that conversation was difficult and maybe even awkward, your loved one cared enough about you to have it. If someone has reached out to you recommending alcohol or drug rehab, it’s a sign the problem might be bigger than you. (Even if you don’t see it right now).
  1. Do you have any physical signs of substance abuse? (ex: blacking out, unexplainable injuries or bruises, shakes, inability to sleep, shorter temper, bloodshot eyes, swings in weight, unusual odors, generally looking unwell, etc.) Or behavioral signs of substance abuse? (ex: changes in friend groups, changes in interests, money problems, strained relationships, irresponsible behavior, increased tolerance of alcohol/drugs, etc.) Or psychological signs of substance abuse? (ex: increased fearfulness and paranoia, apathy, extreme swings in energy levels or mood, etc.)
  • No: keep going with the quiz
  • Yes: physical signs of substance abuse need to be addressed, so please call a local drug rehab center today.
  1. Has there been a noticeable impact on your job or schoolwork?
  • No: continue with the quiz
  • Yes: addiction can quickly spiral out of control. One of the first signs, beyond physical manifestations, is poor performance in school or at work. Failing grades or getting fired will only make the need for your substance worse. Get help now before it’s too late, and your work/school can support you in recovery.
  1. Have you accidentally missed any significant friend or family events (because you were under the influence)?
  • No: ask your friends/family this question, and if it’s still no – keep going
  • Yes: this is a sign your drug or alcohol addiction is getting out of control, and you need help.
  1. Do you find yourself thinking of ways to partake in your addiction?
  • No: keep on, keeping on
  • Yes: one way you know your addiction needs professional help is when it occupies most of your mental space, unable to think about much else besides when you can use again.
  1. Have you ever felt guilt, shame, or wanted to hide how much you drink?
  • No: only two more questions
  • Yes: these feelings are not uncommon among addicts (of drugs or alcohol). We want to help you fight those feelings of shame and overcome your addiction at Lighthouse Recovery.
  1. Does your addiction and the long-term effects of it ever worry you?
  • No: one more question!
  • Yes: if you have concerns about the long-term (or short-term) effects of abusing alcohol, painkillers, or other drugs, give us or another alcohol or drug rehab in Dallas a call. Our team can talk to you confidentially about what recovery would look like, and timelines of getting clean.
  1. Do you focus on your addiction above work, family, friends, household duties, etc.?
  • No: keep reading
  • Yes: One clear sign your drug or alcohol addiction needs professional help is when it’s prioritized above other commitments. While you may not have lost your job, failed a class, or strained important relationships yet, the stronger your addiction gets, the more likely those start crumbling. Get help before it’s too late!

If you answered “yes” to even just one of the questions above, you likely need the professional help of a drug or alcohol rehab center. Here in Dallas, there are plenty of inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol centers; Lighthouse Recovery is one where we offer an Intensive Outpatient Program as well as a Sober Living Program. Both programs utilize evidence-based behavioral therapy strategies, Master’s level therapists, and small group sizes to encourage life-long and continued sobriety.

Learn more about our services or contact us below to discover how Lighthouse can help you on your road to recovery today. Thank you for your trust.