Recovery Residences: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there 24-hour on-site supervision? Each property has a live-in House Manager.

What is the staff-to-resident ratio? Minimum of 1 staff member to 3 residents.

What is the resident-to-room ratio? Maximum 3 residents to a room. (All of our homes, save for one bedroom, are maximum two residents to a room)

What training and/or certifications do different staff members hold? All of our House Managers hold Peer Recovery Support Specialist and First Aid Training Certifications. 

Are residents required to enroll in Outpatient Therapy? Residents are not required, but encouraged on a case-to-case basis to attend Outpatient Therapy. Lighthouse includes, at no additional cost, one offsite Therapy session per week. 

Is drug testing required? Yes, drug testing is required for all residents. 

Is the cost of drug testing included? We DO NOT charge our clients or bill their insurance for drug testing.

What is the procedure if a client relapses? Relapses are managed on a case-by-case basis. Most all residents are immediately discharged for a period of time before being allowed to return to Lighthouse.

Are referrals for medical and mental health professionals provided if needed? Yes, please contact us for relevant industry referrals. 

Is transportation available? Yes, transportation is included. 

Is there public transportation nearby? Yes, our homes are centrally located and near public transportation. 

John Bowden