3 Ways to Support a Loved One in Recovery

1. Support Your Loved One’s Decision of Recovery.

Support comes in many forms, but includes championing your loved one’s decision to seek treatment, and celebrating their accomplishments both big and small while they’re working toward recovery. Also, be sure to keep reminding them that you are a resource for both help and support.

2. Encourage Responsibility.

While substance abuse stems from many factors, during the recovery period, encourage your loved one to hold themselves accountable for reaching their goals. Give honest feedback. Remind them of their goals and hopes for recovery, and that they can and should achieve them.

3. Don’t Give Up.

The recovery process can be long, challenging, and far from linear. Expect moments of of regression and prepare for the possibility of a relapse. Help your loved one keep moving forward toward their goal of sobriety, and do not lose hope as bumps along the road are to be expected.

How to support your loved one throughout the recovery process.
John Bowden