Inpatient Treatment vs. Sober Living

Most individuals attend Sober Living AFTER attending Inpatient Treatment

It is very common for individuals to utilize both Inpatient Treatment and Sober Living facilities, attending Inpatient Treatment first. Inpatient Treatment provides an individual with 24/7 structure, more in-depth medical, psychiatric and therapeutic programs, an educational component, clear separation from their past environment(s), amongst numerous other things. Individuals should then transition to Sober Living Homes to put what has been learned into action, and to gain confidence and stability in sobriety. Most people will stay in Inpatient Treatment an average of 30-90 days, whereas residents in a Sober Living facility generally stay between 4-12 months.

Sober Living is less structured and requires more personal accountability than Inpatient Treatment

Sober Living Programs often take a less regimented approach than an Inpatient Treatment facility, utilizing both a positive environment and peer support to create an easier transition to life at home. You may not have your entire day planned out within a Sober Living Home as you would in an Inpatient Center. Rather, you’d go about your day in a somewhat similar fashion to the way you would normally at home, albeit with restrictions depending on the Sober Living Program.

John Bowden