5 Skills You’ll Learn From Sober Living Programs

If you’re heading to a Sober Living Program or considering joining a community, here are just a few of the lessons and skills you’ll be looking to learn:

You will learn to manage your time responsibly.

While in a Sober Living Program, you will learn effective time management skills that will help you live more independently and efficiently, successfully organizing your professional and personal lives.

You will learn about the power of a network.

Living with like-minded individuals in similar scenarios will teach you the power of a network, as well as the ability to conquer challenges with the help and support of others.

You will learn about proper self care.

Beyond living in sobriety, Sober Living Programs will teach you healthy lifestyle skills, including proper exercise schedules, healthy eating, cooking, and more.

You will strengthen your professional skills.

Many Sober Living Programs include workshops on securing and keeping employment, as well as interview skills and help with managing finances.

You will learn more about yourself.

One of the most important takeaways from Sober Living is knowing what works best for you, and getting a better overall understanding of your situation. You will learn how to set goals for, encourage, and reward yourself.

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John Bowden