Understanding addiction is one of the keys to seeking the right type of help for your specific needs.

Let Lighthouse’s team of Experts answer all of your questions and guide you and your loved ones toward success.

We offer a wide array of resources, specifically chosen, to help you better understand addiction in order to make the best, informed decision.


Articles to aid in understanding.

We publish articles on a regular basis that address a multitude of relevant topics: Mental Health, Treatment, Addiction, Recovery, and General Wellbeing. Allow our years of experience and recovery help offer insight into common struggles and areas of personal growth in your journey to wellness.

Visit our Articles Page to read more in-depth articles.  Each one is written in a way that best assists understanding the trials and tribulations of a person walking the path of recovery.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The answers and explanations you need.

Whether this is your first time seeking help or due to unfortunate circumstances, you have had to search out help on multiple occasions, let our experts help answer some questions you may have.  We find that through education and compassion to the needs of those who reach out to us, we can offer the right guidance in every situation.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to have some of your basic questions answered about our program and our beliefs.  Our highly experienced team is available to answer any other questions that may arise during your search.



Definitions to commonly used terms.

There is a lot of distinct terminology that comes up in the day to day conversations about addiction treatment.   We have compiled a list of commonly used terms and their definitions to help you navigate the process.

Visit our glossary for a comprehensive explanation of Addiction and Mental Health terms that are common place.  For further explanation of any of glossary, please feel free to reach out to one of professionals directly.



Additional pictures of our spaces.

It is important to understand the spaces where you or your loved one receives the help that is so desperately needed.  Both our office and our homes were designed intentionally to create a peaceful and harmonious environment that encourages health and wellbeing.

Visit our Gallery to see additional pictures of us and our recovery spaces.  To schedule a tour to see our places in person, please contact us today.


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