men playing table tennisLighthouse Recovery’s long-term partnership in your recovery stems from an understanding that your addiction has root causes. These root causes led to both your first and ongoing substance abuse. For your addiction recovery program to work at Lighthouse Recovery, it starts with learning about you and deeper self-exploration into your psychological stress.

Community-Based Addiction Recovery

Lighthouse Recovery’s addiction recovery program uses a community-based approach. Combined with off-site clinical therapies and clinical programs, this approach enables you to receive the best continuity of care toward long-term recovery. It also means you live in a safe, supportive, and structured community of three sober living homes. Every resident receives initial and ongoing assessments to keep everyone equally involved in the home.

Residences offer upscale living designs and layouts. They also provide access to ongoing activities and group sessions. These community addiction recovery programs in Dallas, TX include three process groups each week. You also attend one small meeting weekly, five meditation meetings weekly, and two monthly community events.

Lighthouse Recovery’s Addiction Recovery Program Features

Lighthouse Recovery’s addiction recovery program comprises 12 key features. These 12 features work in line with the program’s philosophy and tenets of care. They include:

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Individualized Programming
Lighthouse Recovery’s addiction recovery programs in Dallas, TX, examine all aspects of your life. This looks beyond just the drugs or alcohol you consumed. This self-exploration forms the basis of a custom aftercare plan for you and your family.

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Clinical Focus
Lighthouse Recovery’s addiction recovery programs in Dallas, TX work with a variety of therapists, to ensure the best fit for your needs. This best fit includes EMDR therapy, dual diagnosis care, trauma-informed care, or help for a range of issues like sex addiction, shame, or mental health problems. You receive one off-site talk therapy session each week.

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Staff-to-Resident Ratio
The Lighthouse Recovery staff-to-resident ratio is a max of three residents per staff member.

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Program Disclosure
Lighthouse Recovery’s addiction recovery program support involves communication with you as the resident. It also includes your family, therapist, and Primary Care Center. This open line of communication extends to your extended networks, such as schools, work, and the legal system, when you need a liaison.

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Continuity of Care
Lighthouse Recovery’s all-inclusive addiction recovery programs in Dallas, TX build on your experience gained in other programs.

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Family Systems
Family systems change as part of your new life. Lighthouse Recovery works through issues you and your family face, such as boundary-setting, communication, understanding, and establishing empathy.

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Life Skills Training
Your experience at Lighthouse Recovery includes the development and practice of key life skills. You receive help for improved management of time, tasks, goals, finances, and stress. You also learn situational awareness.

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Extended Monitoring
Upon graduation, Lighthouse Recovery residents receive 12 months of case management. This involves regular check-ins and staff status updates.

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Lighthouse Recovery’s sober living homes always feature a variety of healthy foods for residents. We accommodate special dietary needs.

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Lighthouse Recovery provides transportation to and from your therapy sessions, work, school, or AA meetings as needed.

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Randomized Testing
Through randomized urine and breath testing, you remain accountable for your sobriety, at no extra cost.

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Medication Supervision
Medication monitoring involves your medical team to ensure compliance and proper dosing. Lighthouse Recovery staff provide this service according to their training.

Community Development

In addition to Individual Programming, we strive to create safe, supportive, and structured communities. We take great care in initial and ongoing assessments to ensure every member of our recovery program is an active participant in their home.

We look at community design from every angle – from the design and layout of our residences to a variety of ongoing activities and group sessions. Shown here are a handful of the many community programs held regularly at Lighthouse Recovery.


“Process” Meetings per week


“Meditation” Meetings per week


“Small” Meeting per week


Community Events per month

“Lighthouse is the perfect Extended Care Program. The staff go above and beyond to meet the needs of the residents. I couldn’t ask for more and am the happiest I have ever been in my life.”

Alex C.

“Without Lighthouse I would probably be just a memory for my loved ones. They taught me a new way of living and how to treat and accept others, including myself, for who they are. Thank you for saving and changing my life.”

Landry L.

“As a chronic relapser I’ve been to several Sober Livings. They were run-down, unprofessional, and only cared about money – not the clients. Lighthouse truly cares and are always willing to go the extra mile.”

Alex B.

Is Lighthouse Recovery Right for Me?

After learning about Lighthouse Recovery, you may wonder whether or not this facility is right for you. You may want to consider us if you are a male at least 18 years of age or older and:

  • Have concerns about a 30, 60, or 90-day program not providing you with ample time for recovery.
  • Have previously attended a rehab program, but relapsed only a short time later.
  • Lack a strong support network at home to help you remain sober.
  • Do not have stable housing and need time to get your affairs in order.

Please note that we are not a recovery facility, but instead provide addiction recovery support to those who have already been through rehab. If you need assistance with finding a rehab or detox center, we will gladly provide resources for you. Once you have completed rehab, contact us again to see if we can provide further assistance.