Lighthouse Recovery Sober Living

Sober Living

Structure and support in early sobriety.

Personalized sober living with a strong family support system.

Family Systems

We work through issues residents and their families commonly face to rebuild trust and empathy. As addicts often “split” communication, we act to unify and present a common ground approach.

Our sober living homes in Dallas have a 1 to 3 staff to resident ratio.

Staff-to-client Ratio

We operate at ratio of one staff member to three residents (1-to-3) and our tiered structure provides ample support for each resident.

The Lighthouse Recovery sober living homes feature a safe and comfortable environment.


We currently have thirty-one (31) beds across four (4) homes, all located in a quiet neighborhood west of Preston Hollow in Dallas, TX. Each home is well-appointed, packed with amenities, and is a safe and comfortable haven for residents in early sobriety.

Our sober living program offers life skills training for each resident.

Life Skills Training

Residents receive guidance for improving management of tasks, finances, time, and stress, amongst others. Each is employed in a “real-world” setting whereby residents can work to build confidence and autonomy.

Not your typical Sober Living.

Our wrap-around programming is an all-in-one solution for most residents, allowing them to slowly reintegrate back into work or school, and all the while, build the relationships and skills they’ll need for long-term success in sobriety. As part of Lighthouse, each resident receives an individualized “progress-based” program, a variety of in-house community-based groups, family case management, and a number of recreational activities, to name a few. Additional program highlights include:

• Highly trained staff with over 30+ years of Sober Living specific experience
• One-to-three staff-to-client ratio allowing for a hyper-individualized approach for each resident
• Weekly one-on-one meeting with a designated Case Manager
• Weekly family consultation with Case Manager who works to provide insight and support
• 10+ hours of in-house group programming covering topics such as healthy relationships, boundary-setting, family systems, and relapse prevention
• One (1) hour of Individual Clinical Therapy per week
• A focus on life-skills training covering topics such as time, tasks, goals, finances, and stress management
• Attendance at required outside meetings
• Referrals, co-enrollment, and communication with (if applicable) Clinical Therapy Programs such as Partial-Hospitalization (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), and Supportive Outpatient (SOP)
• Bi-monthly organized recreational activities
• Randomized Drug and Breathalyzer testing at no additional cost
• Medication Supervision at no additional cost

Welcome home. We’ve thought of everything.

Lighthouse is located in Dallas, TX, one of the most exciting places to live in the United States, consistently ranking in the Top 10 Rankings for “most desirable” cities. It’s one of fastest growing cities in the United States over the past decade with a burgeoning market of high paying jobs, reasonable costs of living, and a plethora of recreational activities. Our homes are located in a highly desirable neighborhood slightly west of Preston Hollow in northwest Dallas. There is easy access to public transportation, a wide variety of quality dining, and is home to several beautiful parks, including the ever expanding Northaven Trail. We have four (4) houses in the area each one outfitted and designed specifically for our residents. Some of the many amenities include:
• Full-time, Live-in House Managers
• Maximum of eight (8) residents per home, with no more than two (2) persons in each room
• Houses range in size between 2,500-3,200 sq ft with most houses being 5 beds / 3 baths
• Thoughtfully designed layouts to encourage community
• Quiet, safe, family-oriented neighborhood
• Private parking with large backyard areas
• Transportation (if needed) to work, school, clinical therapy, etc.
• Washer and Dryer on-site
• Always stocked with groceries and dietary restrictions can be accommodated
• All bedding, towels, cleaning supplies, etc. are included
• Workstations equipped with 27” Apple Desktop Computers
• 75”+ OLED Television sets, High-Speed Fiber Internet, XBOX, YouTubeTV

Luxury Sober Living Homes in Dallas, TX.

Want to live at home? Check out our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or Recovery Coaching program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sober living?

Simply put, sober living is a house or comparable dwelling that offers accountability and structure safe from drugs or alcohol for those on the path to recovery. There are many different levels of sober living due to the different services and amenities that may be offered.

Does sober living take the place of residential rehab?

No, sober living does not take the place of residential rehab. Although some sober living organizations offer additional services, such as life skills or individual therapy on the side, they are not licensed by the state as a rehab. Residential rehabs are licensed facilities that offer a robust clinical program in a setting that often removes the client from outside temptations.

Are additional services offered in your sober living?

Yes, we offer a variety of services in sober living that compliment your journey to recovery. Life skills, sober coaching, and individual therapy are a few of the additional services that can be found at Lighthouse Recovery.

How long do you stay in a sober living house?

There is no real set amount of time that you can stay in sober living. However, most sober living houses require a minimum of a 90-day commitment. The total length of your stay in sober living should be determined by your individual need for the services that are offered. We see an average length of stay in our sober living house around 5-8 months.

How much does sober living cost?

The cost of sober living can vary greatly. The more services and the nicer the amenities, usually the greater the cost. Unfortunately, sober living is not covered by insurance, so the cost falls entirely on the individual or those that are helping to cover the cost for their stay.

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