I will be forever grateful for Lighthouse. Coming in with little sobriety knowledge to now being a year sober and happier then I’ve ever been, is the biggest change of my life. Never have I met such caring people that will go so far out of their way just to help me.
— Austin H.

Lighthouse has changed my life and without it I would probably be just a memory for my loved ones. Lighthouse has taught me a new way of living and taught me how to treat others and accept others, including myself, for who they are. Thank you for saving and changing my life.
— Landry L.

Lighthouse is the perfect Extended Care Program in my eyes. The staff go above and beyond to meet the needs of the residents. I couldn’t ask for more and am the happiest I have ever been in my life.
— Alex C.

Lighthouse has been the best Sober Living experience for me. Being a chronic relapser I’ve been to several Sober Livings. They were all run-down, unprofessional, and only cared about money - not the clients and sobriety. Lighthouse Staff truly cares and are willing to always go the extra mile for me.
— Alex B.

Mike Jones has been invaluable in my recovery. He is kind, compassionate, patient, and able to connect with everyone who comes into Lighthouse. He’s there to listen to your problems and concerns, and knows that there is no one path to recovery - that each person’s journey is going to be different. Early in my recovery I called him a mentor, and today I call him my friend. He’s played an integral, profound role in my recovery journey, and I can’t recommend him highly enough.
— Jeb B.