Our Story

Newly sober and living together in a halfway house, co-founders Michael Jones and John Bowden both experienced over a decade ago what it's like to be new residents at a Sober Living Home. There were fourteen people living in a four-bedroom home, near constant relapses, little sense of community or staff engagement, and a "one-size-fits-all" methodology.

In 2016 they partnered to create Lighthouse, an intentionally designed, individually tailored, and community-focused approach to aftercare.



Directorial, Clinical, and Operations


James Michael (“Mike”) Jones

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Mike has been a part of the Dallas Recovery Community since 2009. With nearly a decade of operating experience within Sober Living Facilities, Mike has held positions ranging from Assistant Residential Manager to Chief Operating Officer, as well as writing and restructuring many of the Sober Living programs in Dallas. From intake to discharge, Mike is responsible for the continual development of the Lighthouse Program and works closely with residents, their families, and their treatment teams across every aspect of the Lighthouse Program, helping to ensure the best treatment for each individual.


Aaron Stacey

Director of Operations

Aaron has been a part of the Dallas, TX and Portland, ME Recovery Communities since 2009. Now approaching 10+ years of operating experience within Sober Living Homes and Extended Care Facilities, Aaron has held positions such as: House Manager and Recovery Tech, Admissions and Marketing, Case Manager, and Director of Operations. With a keen sense of “meeting the client where they’re at,” Aaron specializes in Program Operations and Conflict Resolution. Aaron has a passion to help clients develop life-long skills in recovery such as: financial management, career goals, education, relationship building, and physical health.


Jordan Mills

Chief Marketing Officer

Jordan has been a part of the Texas Recovery Community since 2012. Jordan started his career in the Addiction Treatment as a Sober Living House Manager and worked his way up through a multitude of roles such as: Business Developer, and Director of Admissions and Marketing. Jordan’s reputation is built on an ethical and humanistic philosophy that has flourished into a diverse set of relationships across the industry, both in Texas and nationally. Jordan works with families and clients during intake and discharge, fosters ongoing relationships with likeminded providers, and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Lighthouse brand.


Jon Juhlin

Primary Therapist at Bluffview Counseling Services, M.S., L.P.C., CSAT (C)

Jon received both a Bachelor of Arts and Masters in Counseling degrees from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. He is a proud member of the National Association of Addiction Professionals, as well at the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals, and The International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals. Jon believes that it is important to understand that the challenges of recovering from addiction affect not only the addict, but the entire family system as well. The focus of Jon's practice is work with recovering addicts and their families in both individual and group settings.


James Carrell

Counselor at Solutions Outpatient Services, L.C.S.W., L.C.D.C., C.D.W.F.

James is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC). He received his Masters of Science in Social Work at the University of Texas at Arlington in 2012, and has extensive practice working as a Therapist, Case Manager, and Sober Coach at a variety of residential treatment centers. James has the capacity to listen and connect with clients on a level where they feel comfortable and can begin to trust in his guidance and support. His first-hand experience with embracing his own courage through personal vulnerability to explore, discover, and resolve his own emotional pain has proven to be rewarding and provided him freedom over his personal addiction to drugs and alcohol. 


John (“Jonny”) Cook

Community Manager

Jonny grew up in a small town just north of Tulsa, OK. Post graduation from High School, he joined the Air National Guard and enrolled in College. Not long afterward, he was caught in the midst of a spiraling drug addiction. After nearly six years, he decided to ask for help and went to treatment in Dallas. Jonny decided to stay in the city to work on both himself and his spirituality. He is grateful to have found himself again in the fellowship of recovery and connecting with those around him. Jonny is responsible for mentoring, guiding, holding accountable, and teaching members of our community as they work towards sobriety.


Nathaniel (“Nate”) Maxfield

Community Manager

Nate didn’t realize he had a problem with drugs and alcohol until he was nearly 30 years old. Having had a family intervention, he went to both Inpatient Treatment and Sober Living, since becoming willing to do “whatever it takes” to stay sober. He has been working in recovery since he got out of treatment and loves all aspects of the field. Nate also has a large network of friends who work in recovery in Dallas. As a Community Manager, he is responsible for helping the residents in the community build structure in their lives and mentoring them as they grow in their recovery.


Garrett Price

Community Manager

Garrett is originally from Alabama and has lived in Dallas since 2016. Beginning in his teens and early adulthood, Garrett struggled with addiction and found himself at both rock bottom and at a crossroad. He decided to “pack his bags” and began treatment in Dallas, where he has flourished in recovery and found a new love for life.  Garrett enjoys connecting with others in recovery and he stays active in the local recovery community. He is currently in pursuit of his Bachelor’s in Accounting and will graduate in 2021. A former Lighthouse Alumni, Garrett enjoys helping, connecting with, and developing honest relationships with residents.

Administrative and Advisory

John Bowden

Co-Founder & President

John graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Economics with Financial Applications and minors in Philosophy, History, and Art History. He began his professional career in Texas creating marketing platforms for a variety of real estate, oil and gas, and technology companies. In June of 2014, John co-founded Coalition, an investment firm, overseeing strategic growth. John works closely with the Lighthouse team providing operational support, growth strategy, marketing strategy, and program design. 

Robert Tobolowsky

Director of Finance and Real Estate

Having graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Economics with Financial Applications, Robert began his professional career at Pegasus Ablon, a Commercial Real Estate investment and development company in Dallas, TX. He then moved to Powder Mountain, UT to join Summit Series. Within his role on the development team, he coordinated acquisition financing. In January of 2014, Robert co-founded Coalition, an investment firm, as a Managing Partner overseeing operations and finance strategy. At Lighthouse, he’s responsible for consulting on both the financial and real estate components of the business.

Michael Van Deventer

Program Advisor

Michael has been active in the Los Angeles Recovery Community since 2014 having finally found success in recovery through a stay at an extended care program, after numerous failed attempts at Primary Treatment Centers. After six months at the extended care program, Michael was hired to help oversee programming aspects of the community, before starting work as a Sober Mentor and Companion. Michael worked closely with a variety of clientele and their families, providing personalized 24hr care and guidance. He is currently enrolled at Loyola Marymount University working towards a degree in Addiction Treatment.