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Sober Living programs are slowly but surely becoming a standard step in the substance use recovery process. Offering individuals an opportunity to exercise the skills they learned during inpatient treatment, sober living provides a protected space with just enough structure to keep clients focused on recovery without coddling them.

The Lighthouse Recovery Sober Living Home is one of the best, placing clients in scenic communities and spacious living conditions that are only just the surface of our well-thought-out recovery programming. Our holistic services take every aspect of the experience into consideration, ensuring that clients enjoy a five-star stay that supports their sobriety.

Spacious Homes

The space and quality of the home will play a role in the recovery process. That’s why Lighthouse ensures that clients enjoy their stay by providing spacious homes that they can move in. Properties range in size from 2,500 to 3,200 square feet, most of which tout 5 bedrooms. Rooms are occupied by a maximum of two individuals at a time to prevent overcrowding and allow each tenant a degree of privacy. The thoughtfully designed floorplans maximize space and make sure that clients don’t feel cramped or restricted.

Thoughtful Decor

The relaxing interiors can make it feel extra special to come home at the end of a long day at work. Each bedroom is designed with all the basic furniture, and tout subtle, minimalist interiors that exude a sense of relaxation and calm. The well-maintained properties sit on private and spacious lots, and the homes are stocked with essentials like linens, towels, beddings, and cleaning supplies so tenants won’t have to fuss over the details.

Fully Equipped

It’s hard to get bored at the Lighthouse facilities. Their homes are equipped with all the entertainment essentials to keep tenants happy and occupied throughout their stay. Some features include 75” OLED TVs, personal workstations equipped with 27” Apple desktop computers, washers and dryers, complete groceries, and even dedicated transportation. By giving tenants everything they need (plus a little bit more), the Lighthouse Sober Living Home strips away the tasks that might get in the way of recovery. By reducing stress, Lighthouse helps individuals stay on track and keep their minds on improving their careers and dedicating time to recreation which are both pivotal to lasting recovery.

Ample Support

Unlike other sober living homes that tend to have too many tenants and not enough staff, the Lighthouse Recovery Home touts a staff-to-client ratio of 1:3. This means that clients can receive prompt support whenever they need it. This also means that clients receive more personalized services since staff are better equipped to manage and observe each individual in the home. Lighthouse also implements a tiered sober living structure to provide help and support wherever and whenever possible. This means that senior members who have been in the home longer are assigned to newer members that they can guide and mentor as they learn the ropes of sober living.

Life Skills Training

Lighthouse understands that the sober living home isn’t the end for their clients. Everyone outgrows the system and will move out sooner or later. So, they make it their goal to train their clients with various life skills that they can use once they leave the home and take on more independence and responsibilities. Some skills include budgeting, job acquisition, chore management, time management, and stress management, to name a few. All of these skills are then tested in a real-life setting to help cement the new knowledge and give clients the confidence to exercise their independence in a practical way.

Family Reconciliation

It’s no secret that substance use can affect relationships within a family. In fact, some experts believe that dependence and addiction are family diseases. That’s why Lighthouse incorporates therapies and programs that aim to restore dynamics within the family unit so that the individual can have a stable support system once they leave the facility. Each individual is entitled to a weekly family consultation with their case manager, during which they undergo therapy and counseling with their loved ones. The purpose of the meetings is to unearth the roots of dysfunction and reconcile the members of the family to support lasting recovery.

Clinical Care

Though not required, the majority of our sober Living residents make use of our clinical facility, whereby they can receive both individual and group therapy sessions under the direction of Masters-Level clinicians. Once-a-week individual therapy is included in the cost of our program.

Individualized Care

Most people think that individualized care ends when a person leaves inpatient rehab. But sober living homes can provide tailored services just as any inpatient or residential treatment program. At Lighthouse, they do this by conducting one-on-one meetings with designated case managers each week. During this time, staff determine each individual client’s recovery and how they’re coping with the living conditions. They also discuss other areas of progress and difficulty so they can better cater to the individual’s unique needs and improve the outcomes of their stay.

Balanced Treatments

While the sober living home allows clients to experience independence with their own jobs and a degree of recreational freedom, they still provide structure to keep the recovery process rolling. The Lighthouse Recovery Home provides 10 hours of in-house group programming every week, covering a multitude of relevant topics like relapse prevention, boundary setting, and healthy relationships, to name a few. Clients also get one hour of clinical therapy per week, as well as bi-monthly organized recreational activities. In essence, clients are never left to fend for themselves, and are given all the opportunities to bolster their knowledge and progress, and keep themselves on the path to lasting, uninterrupted recovery.

A Lighthouse to See You Through the Storm

It can be a daunting task to move forward after inpatient treatment, but sober living homes make the ideal next step. Drug and alcohol rehab are often seen as restrictive and limiting, but sober living programs are here to prove otherwise. If you’re looking for the best sober living Dallas TX has to offer, then Lighthouse might be for you. Our holistic programs, ample support, and pristine facilities provide all the necessary tools to help you move your way through the recovery journey.


Learn more about our services or contact us below to discover how Lighthouse can help you on your road to recovery today. Thank you for your trust.