Lighthouse Recovery

We're a comprehensive Sober Living Model coupled with an off-site Clinical Focus. We create sustainable, success-based programs tailored to each resident.

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The Lighthouse Philosophy

Lighthouse Recovery operates a bit differently than most, for good reason. Our core philosophy is to work with and understand the underlying causes of one’s addiction, often derived from feelings of shame or trauma. We also provide a supportive environment in which residents can grow through vulnerability, honesty, and understanding.


The Recovery Program

Within a holistic framework, every part of the Lighthouse Recovery Program is customized around the resident and their family. We build the foundation for long-term sobriety, help individuals establish freedom and autonomy, and foster positive engagement with life. Addictions are not "one-size-fits-all” and we don’t work with them as such.


Experienced Staff

Having worked amongst many of the leading Sober Living Providers in Dallas, Texas for nearly a decade, our experienced team was inspired to build a model focused not only on surface-level substance abuse, but on underlying issues driving one’s addiction. Lighthouse Recovery operates with the lowest staff-to-resident ratio in Dallas and is able to provide a truly “hands-on” approach for every resident.


Sober Living Homes

Comfortable, private, and packed with all the amenities one could ever need, our sober living homes provide a complementary living environment to our programming. The luxury sober living homes are places residents enjoy spending time and are designed to encourage community engagement. Whereas most Sober Living Homes have an upwards of 12-16 people per house, we operate with a maximum of 8 residents each.

“Coming out of rehab can be both shocking to your physical and mental health. Lighthouse gave me the right tools to build the proper foundation in my recovery. The tailored scheduling and everyday community groups helped me transition home and become a sober gentleman.”

Ari S.
“I will be forever grateful for Lighthouse. Coming in with little sobriety knowledge to now being over a year sober and happier then I’ve ever been - is the biggest change of my life. Never have I met such caring people that will go so far out of their way just to help me.”

Austin H.

Why Choose Lighthouse Recovery?

The first 90 days after initial treatment are the most critical for preventing a relapse.

Numerous studies show near direct correlation between the length of time spent in recovery programs and sobriety success rates. The isolated environment of a Treatment Facility is generally free from negative influences, relapse triggers, drug access, and daily stresses. In contrast, a person returning home is again exposed to these influences and temptations.

As our sober living residents move back into work, school, family and interpersonal relationships, we provide a stable foundation, compassionate community, and custom programming focused on core issues that dramatically increases long-term success.

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