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Lighthouse Recovery offers a tailored continuum of addiction treatment services in Dallas, Texas.

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We are excited to announce that Lighthouse Recovery has been chosen by the Pro Football Hall of Fame to be their sole Outpatient Treatment Provider in Dallas, TX.

Congratulations to our team for this accomplishment!

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Addiction Treatment Dallas

Lighthouse Recovery provides a comprehensive suite of addiction treatment services in Dallas, including Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP), Sober Living, and Recovery Coaching. All of our addiction services are designed to dramatically increase long-term results.

Holistic and evidence-based approaches.

We offer Individual, Group, and Family Therapy in an environment that is both private and uplifting. Beyond addiction-specific programming, we offer a holistic range of therapies to support issues surrounding anxiety, depression, shame, trauma, family systems, and process addictions. 


Structure and support in early sobriety.

Our Sober Living Program in Dallas is designed for individuals in early sobriety that are in need of structure and support during the transitional period back to normality and independence. Our residents stay an average of 90-180 days. 


Continued guidance and accountability.

Our Recovery Coaches provide guidance and accountability for clients either discharging from Sober Living or for those who can manage a lower level of structure. Clients are enrolled for an average of 90-180 days. 


About Lighthouse Recovery

We’re a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to building sustainable recovery programs. With decades of cumulative experience, our team has worked across numerous facets of the recovery spectrum. Lighthouse Recovery is known for our suite of amenities, compassionate philosophy, balanced focus on both clinical work and life skills, and ability to tailor our approach to each individual. Our ability to provide truly individualized care is possible in large part due to the continued investments made in our team.


Addiction Services

With so many different treatment methodologies, we’ve synthesized our offerings to focus on long-term treatment. Backed by extensive research, we’re able to dramatically improve outcomes. Each service is designed to be customizable to the individual and their family. Dependent on acuity, Lighthouse is able to provide proper treatment for the majority of cases. Furthermore, we’ve designed our programming to be as cost-effective as possible and increase the likelihood that investments made in recovery will not have to be repeated.

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Why Choose Lighthouse?

With so many different Addiction Treatment providers to choose from, clients and families should know that when they choose Lighthouse, they’ll be working with best-in-class staff that adheres to and surpasses the industry’s highest standards.



We’ve worked to create a resource library with articles we find pertinent regarding Addiction Treatment and/or Mental Health. New articles and content are uploaded often. Additionally, our staff are always available should you wish to speak with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

When and why was Lighthouse founded?

Lighthouse was founded in 2016 to provide an intentionally designed, individually tailored, and community-focused approach to Addiction Treatment.   Our extended treatment programs give individuals the accountability, structure, and real-world applications needed to not only overcome addiction, but to succeed in life.

What services does Lighthouse Recovery offer?

Lighthouse Recovery provides a comprehensive suite of addiction treatment services in Dallas, including Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP)Sober Living, and Recovery Coaching. All of our addiction services are designed to dramatically increase long-term results.

What is the Lighthouse philosophy?

We address the core issues that continue to undermine long-term recovery.  By providing a tailored approach for each individual, we are able to treat the deficiencies that continue to hinder their progress.   Every individual affected by addiction is capable of returning to a normal life, if they are equipped with the proper tools.

Why should I trust Lighthouse Recovery with my loved one?

With over 50 years of addiction treatment experience, our staff understands the issues that continue derail recovery.   By taking the time to learn about our clients, their history, and their needs, we are able to address the whole picture and not just pieces of it.   Our approach to the issues associated with addiction, allows us to move even the toughest of cases forward in the recovery journey.

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