Welcome to Lighthouse Recovery, a network of NARR-Certified Recovery Residences (Sober Living Homes) located in Dallas, TX. The Lighthouse Recovery Program is designed to establish a foundation of sustainable sobriety through community, connection, and programming.

Graduating residents see dramatically increased success rates over standalone Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs. We focus our program around the slow and often stressful transition back to daily life and see this period as immensely important in one's lasting recovery. 

We don't believe in a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all model. Instead, we tailor a program to each resident. Some residents are rebuilding family relationships and others focused on returning to school or work. Our upscale residences and low staff-to-client ratio offer a balance of freedom and flexibility alongside structure and support. Lighthouse Recovery Texas ensures community through an initial resident assessment and family interviews. Residence programs start at $3,150 per month and most choose to stay between six and twelve (6-12) months. 

 Lighthouse Recovery Dallas, Texas


The first ninety (90) days after initial treatment are the most critical for preventing a drug relapse. Of all individuals who leave Inpatient Treatment, over half (50%+) return within five years. Numerous studies show near direct correlation between the length of time spent in recovery programs and sobriety success rates. 

The isolated environment of a Treatment Facility is generally free from negative influences, relapse triggers, drug access, and daily stresses. In contrast, a person returning back home is again exposed to these influences and temptations. With this understanding, we decided to build a better aftercare model. The Lighthouse Recovery Program in Dallas, Texas combines supportive community, extensive industry experience, purposeful design, and flexible programming. 



With over 15+ years of combined staff experience and extensive industry research in the sober living community, the Lighthouse Recovery Program Director, House Managers, and Support Team knew we could build a better aftercare model. A model that puts residents and families first. A model that understands recovery is an entirely new way of living. A model that recognizes every addiction is unique and requires an individualistic approach. 

We understand that sobriety is often a monotonous, formidable and discouraging process. At Lighthouse, you'll find hope, fun, and an ever-growing supportive community. From our staff's first-hand knowledge to the design of our Sober Living Homes to our flexible programming, Lighthouse Recovery Texas is truly a first-in-class aftercare provider.

 Lighthouse Recovery Texas


Currently located in Dallas, TX, Lighthouse Recovery is a place for those looking to build lasting sobriety through care, community, and connection. We believe in a proven, long-term, and sustainable approach that dramatically increases our residents' treatment efficacy.

If you have any questions about our sober living program or would simply like to talk with one of our staff members, please contact us below. Thank you for your trust.