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Recovery Coaching in Dallas, TX

Continued guidance and accountability.

Our Recovery Coaching program in Dallas, TX, is ideal for individuals who have completed Inpatient Treatment or Sober Living, or those who require a less intensive recovery structure. The first year of sobriety is crucial for long-term success, and continued accountability and guidance during this transitional period can be beneficial. Our program is designed to help individuals achieve their goals in a time best suited for them and build a solid foundation for their recovery. Successful completion of our Recovery Coaching program is the last structured aftercare program needed for most individuals and usually runs for 90 to 180 days.

Family support can be exhaustive, and often, relying solely on it only works for a short period. Therefore, we work to instill necessary structure for the client and keep the family engaged in a meaningful way. Our program helps introduce balance and healthy boundaries into the family system, allowing both the client and their family to grow positively and productively. Recovery Coaching in Dallas helps facilitate the rebuilding of the family system while ensuring the client’s continued success in sobriety.

Recovery Coaching Benefits

At our organization, our ultimate aim is to provide comprehensive support to our clients and help them achieve a sustainable life of recovery. Our team of dedicated Recovery Coaches in Dallas are here to serve as your personal advocates, providing you with unwavering support and acting as liaisons between you and the resources you need to succeed. We understand that navigating the challenges of early sobriety can be daunting and overwhelming, and we believe that nobody should have to face it alone. Our Recovery Coaches are here to help alleviate the stress of this journey by offering guidance, emotional support, and practical solutions that will help you stay focused on your goals.


We offer comprehensive and individualized support to clients and their families, creating tailored plans and foundations for lasting recovery. Our experienced team helps identify future challenges and develops strategies for maintaining sobriety and thriving in daily life.

Family Empowerment

We provide support and guidance to clients and their families, including weekly progress updates and active engagement in our Recovery Coaching program. We value their input and aim to keep them involved throughout the recovery journey.

Meetings and Drug Testing

We offer comprehensive care with two in-home meetings per week with a Recovery Coach. We conduct randomized Property Risk Assessments and Drug Tests at no additional cost, ensuring ongoing progress in sobriety for our clients.

Goal Setting

Recovery Coaches offer personalized guidance and support, helping clients set and achieve their goals. Our tailored program includes ongoing monitoring, progress assessments, and a flexible approach to build confidence and achieve both short and long-term goals at the client’s preferred pace.

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