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Recovery Coaching in Dallas, TX

Continued guidance and accountability.

Our Recovery Coaching program is for individuals who have already completed Inpatient Treatment or Sober Living or those requiring a less intensive recovery structure. As is often necessary during the first year of sobriety, continued accountability and guidance during this transitional period are crucial for long-term success. As each step forward in the treatment process leaves individuals without the support of the prior, our program is designed to help build a solid foundation by which individuals can achieve short- and long-term goals in a time best suited for them. Successful completion of Recovery Coaching is the last structured aftercare program needed for most individuals, and enrollment generally runs ninety to one-hundred and eighty (90-180) days.

We often see clients rely solely on family support to the point it is exhaustive and only works for a short period. The family needs their own space to recover. We work to instill the necessary structure for the client and keep the family engaged in a meaningful way, often working as a “buffer” and “translator.” Introducing balance and healthy boundaries into the family’s system allows both to grow positively and productively. Recovery Coaching helps facilitate the rebuilding of the family system.

Recovery Coaching Benefits

We help keep clients on the right path for a lifetime of recovery. Recovery Coaches work as an advocate, supporters, and liaisons. We take the lead in rebuilding and helping alleviate the stress of navigating early sobriety alone. A few of the program highlights include:


We provide the ongoing support clients need to form a more solid foundation in recovery and create an individualized plan for them and their families based on their current situation and history.

Family Empowerment

We update the family weekly to discuss progress and address any new concerns. We value the family’s input and encourage their participation in the Recovery Coaching program.

Meetings and Drug Testing

Each client has two (2) face-to-face meetings with their Recovery Coach in their home every week (if applicable). Additionally, randomized Property Risk Assessments (searches) and Drug Tests are included at no additional cost.

Goal Setting

The Recovery Coach will work with each client to set goals and monitor progress. This support allows clients to build confidence and achieve both short-and-long-term goals in a time frame that works for each individual.

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