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Reviews from Lighthouse Clients and Families

We are honored to have the opportunity to work with clients and families from across the United States.

Here’s what they have to say about their experience at Lighthouse.

Shawn Massey
Great staff and facilities. Their primary focus is the patient and giving them the support and tools they need to take the next step.
Tillie Pyatte
After leaving short term rehab our 18 yr old son lived at Lighthouse for 10 months. Worth every dime. It helped start him on his journey of sobriety and make connections for next steps after sober living.
Allison Cash
In a desperate need of finding a good treatment center for IOP, I found Lighthouse in 2021. They were amazing every day I was there. The previous center I went to was harsh and strict; Lighthouse was not like this at all. Each person that works there was supportive and invested in my recovery. I... found great success in completing their IOP program and they even helped me resolve my legal more
Joe Masinter
A family member went through Lighthouse IOP and Sober living with astonishing results. Not only were the staff capable, but they cared for him even when he did not care for himself. I would recommend Lighthouse to anyone in the DFW and/or Texas area looking for quality of care, service, and... leadershipread more
Maria Walker
I have so many positive things about wonderful team at Lighthouse Recovery Dallas. My experience with them was as a parent of someone in recovery. They walked me through the insurance process and communicated with me through every step. Mike Jones and the team truly care about the people who... come to them for help. They personalized the experience and this made all the difference. They were firm but compassionate. I am so thankful for the care my loved one received and the trajectory that her life has taken since going through their more
Ashley Martel
Outstanding treatment! The owner is ethical and involved, the clinical director is very knowledgeable and advocates for her patients, the admissions and outreach people are passionate and available! What more can you ask for? I have NO reservations about referring patients to Lighthouse!
Dylan Hollingsworth
Throughout the years I’ve sponsored many men at Lighthouse and always appreciated the owner Mike Jones and the accountability, encouragement and guidance he and the team provided for the residents. After many years sober though, I relapsed in 2019, and found myself in a dark place again. My family... suffered greatly and so did I. After spending time in treatment, I then stayed for a time at Lighthouse so I could slowly reintegrate into family life and to give my family time to get fully comfortable with my presence. It was just what we all needed and helped me get on my feet again as an individual so I could ultimately return to life at full strength. Also, the community support and the counseling Lighthouse provided only enhanced the recovery I was pursuing through the 12 Steps. This is a good place for a guy in early sobriety to safely reintegrate back into life, work, family and society and I’m forever grateful for the role Lighthouse has played in mine and my family’s life, as well as many other men who have stayed there through the more
nicky p.
Amazing people behind a wonderful organization. I’ve been working in the recovery field for many years as a recovery coach, and know how hard it can be to find treatment or sober livings that are trust worthy and actually care about clients the way we need them to. Lighthouse Recovery Texas stands... out as one of the best I’ve come across. Whether treatment or sober living is necessary for one of my clients, LRT will remain at the top of my options more
Kirk Monroe
Lighthouse really cares! If you want to get on the road to recovery with the best resources available, Lighthouse will provide great staff to help you be successful.
Garrett Braukman
Lighthouse Recovery, John and his team have saved the lives of so many. Highly recommend this amazing program for anyone seeking recovery!
Will Millard
I called Mike when I found myself at my rock bottom and was picked up by the man who sponsors me today. I was able to afford 3 months out of my pocket before my time at Lighthouse came to an end. When I was the one paying for my stay I learned the value of time. I wouldn't be where I am today... without the help of Lighthouse and all of the friends and connections I made along the way. It's been 8 months since I left light house and I still find myself visiting the houses to say what's up. Lighthouse is more than a place to get sober. Lighthouse is more
Kris Aubrey
I have interacted with leadership as well as patients and all have an upbeat and positive attitude towards sobriety and recovery. I have been fortunate enough to employee guys in the program and they all turn out ot be reliable hard workers. It’s been great working for and with Lighthouse and being... apart of more
The staff at Lighthouse are all friendly and it’s a very welcoming environment
Raul Cartagena
The staff at Light house are dedicated to men’s wellness on the level which should be admired by all treatment center professionals.
Josh Jordan
These team right here is matched by none when it comes to compassion and attentiveness. I have seen many instances where these guys have gone above and beyond for someone suffering and the families of those individuals.
Clint Nold
Having an incredible reputation in any industry is not easy. Maintaining that reputation is even harder. In my workings with Lighthouse Recovery I found they are an absolute first class operation with a passion for helping others.If you or anyone you know needs help getting and staying sober you... have found the right place!read more
Daniel Clinton
Incredible experience with outstand staff. This place has helped me in ways I couldn't imagine possible.
Where to begin on the list of only amazing things to say about this organization, family, and community that built me back up when I was at my lowest. Words don’t put into the amount of love and appreciation that I have for what Mike Jones is doing at Lighthouse in Dallas. As a patient of the... program I can proudly state that I’m over a year and a half sober from my DOC and am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. My story with Lighthouse is long and it wasn’t only until I went back a second time that I was ready to change. I was lucky enough to be accepted back as my first time around I wasn’t ready to get sober. This program works if you want it to work. If your not ready to get sober and live a happier and healthier life then I don’t recommend coming here. If you want to learn the tools and coping mechanisms to not only just function in life, but thrive then this is the place to come. There is a waitlist for a reason, there’s nothing else like Lighthouse. Another great thing to note is the new IOP programs, telahealth opportunities, one on one therapy, and the opportunity to rediscover yourself from baseline. Once again I cannot recommend Lighthouse enough to those looking to get sober and have another chance on more
Thomas Cooper
Lighthouse is a wonderful program that provides every tool necessary for personal growth and recovery.
Sophia w
Great group of people at lighthouse. They helped me get into a great treatment center when I needed help and provided the care I needed when I got out.
Dustin Ferris
I have hands on experience receiving recovery guidance from staff member Nicole and it has helped me so much. Lighthouse has a fabulous team that truly cares about each individual who walks through the door.
Corinne Levee
They truly care about their clients.
Matthew Harden
Great outpatient service and sober living. There very involved in the clients recovery and success and do everything they can to motivate progress. Great experience on the clinical and recovery side.
Blake Leva
This is a top notch facility that really cares about their clients! Best care you can get in Dallas, Texas.
Brian Percox
Lighthouse Recovery is the best in Dallas for men's sober living and IOP. Their Clinical team is amazing and their case management team is solid.
Sharon B
This is a men only facility and could not treat my daughter. Despite that, Grant Young in admissions Listened to my issues, then went above and beyond anything I expected. He was familiar with some of the treatment centers I was researching, knew people there, and provided really great information.... Although I had already researched almost 50 treatment centers in Texas and found them unacceptable for one reason or the other, I haven’t heard of one that he recommended. He checked with his executive Director and for his recommendation. He even gave me the phone number of a senior level woman who I could get answers from without going through admissions. Her company, origins, was perfect for my daughter. Without Grant’s help, I never would’ve found it. Rehab centers are notorious for being interested only in your money. Grant helped me even though his own facility would not profit from it. He was a true Godsend and really cared. That’s almost impossible to fine nowadays and I am so more
Jonathan Brown
The staff at this facility is incredible from the top down. They are ethical people. I would send a loved one here and feel very comfortable.
Richard Parrish
Lighthouse Recovery has been a lifesaver for our son. As the parents of a son who had been in and out of treatment programs for over 10 years, my wife and I were very familiar trials and tribulations of the recovery process. It had become very apparent that aftercare is of major importance for an... addict to maintain long term sobriety after completing a residential treatment program. This is particularly true in today’s world where time in residential treatment is driven more by what insurance will pay than by what is in the best interest of the patient. Lighthouse Recovery has provided our son that aftercare.Almost a year ago our son asked to go to treatment. We committed to him that we would support his recovery if he committed to completing at least a 90-day residential treatment program to be followed by at least 6 months in sober living. He agreed. After completion of the residential treatment program, they strongly recommended for him to pursue aftercare at Lighthouse Recovery. After conducting his (and our) due diligence he agreed that he would enter into sober living at Lighthouse Recovery. He could not have made a better decision.Our son has now been sober for almost 1 year. Lighthouse Recovery has been an integral part of his success. At Lighthouse Recovery he has developed a sense of community. Our son has received ongoing support and therapy that was developed to fit his needs and circumstances. He has developed a sense of self worth that he was solely lacking before. He has found a recovery community that provides the needed support to help him maintain his sobriety. We have our son back, and he has his life back. We cannot recommend Lighthouse Recovery more highly to anyone who is looking for an outstanding sober living and aftercare more
Matthew Senter
Simply put lighthouse gave me my life back. The men that work at lighthouse are a testament that you can and do recover. Their dedication to helping those struggling with addiction is constantly displayed by their passion, commitment, and care for every client and their families. They work... tirelessly to assist clients in laying a foundation for meaningful and lasting recovery, while at the same time preparing clients to manage issues outside the realm of sober living and IOP. As an alumni of 3 years, I hold near and dear to my heart relationships that were fostered by and formed at lighthouse. There is hands down no better community to be a part of in the beginning stages of recovery, and I can not express my appreciation for the work they more
Landry Lallier
I was a client at lighthouse in 2017, and I had an incredible experience at lighthouse. The staff that I had working with me at lighthouse was well equipped to meet my needs from every angle. I met some life long friends at lighthouse. Lighthouse was able to push me to become the best person that I... can be, and because of that I will be able to pick up four years sober in September. Thank you Mike and all of the guys at lighthouse for making things I never thought possible come true for me!read more
Nick B
Lighthouse provides a community for people struggling with substance use disorder and cooccurring mental health problems. The environment allows people to make lasting connections and relationships with housemates and staff. These relationships will help guide you through your time at Lighthouse... and as you transition back into life after your stay.It would be hard to find another recovery community in Dallas that provides this level of comprehensive care. I would recommend that anyone considering sober living or IOP choose Lighthouse Recovery more
Vitaly Mayes
Lighthouse has been one of the best decision I could have made for my sobriety. Great staff who care and also life a program of recovery so they understand and it's not just about a paycheck. Close community, who keep track of how each one is doing and you feel like a family who have your back.The... house's are big enough so you don't feel acrammed as well as each Sunday is a deep clean .They provide you with the tools and have a wide range of amenities to help each individual.Also, they are willing to go the extra mile to help those who are in legal or financial trouble.I would 100% recommend Lighthouse to anyone who wants a better sober more
JJ Jones
Changed my life! What I gained from my experience with Lighthouse was the ability to live life on life’s terms. To accept my problems and manage my thinking in a positive light verses focusing on the negative. To live for today and stop thinking ahead about tomorrow. No longer wishing I could... change the past and working on small changes towards a new future. One day at more
Elevated Lifestyle Academy
Highly recommended! Lighthouse has a wonderful recovery community within their program. Everyone on staff, from top to bottom is a joy to work with. Love hanging out with these guys.
Micah Walker
This place saved my life. The community was amazing, and I made long lasting friends. Created memories for a lifetime, and so many opportunities were presented to me that I never dreamed possible. I recommend Lighthouse to anyone out there wanting to get sober and stay sober. Lighthouse Recovery... is the #1 Sober Living out there!!!read more
Deborah Hamm
As a psychiatrist, as well as a parent of a recovering alcoholic, who has experienced several different recovery communities over the years, Lighthouse Recovery in Dallas gets my highest recommendation. Their treatment program is structured to respond to the individual needs of their clients, each... of whom is treated with respect. Most importantly, the staff genuinely care about their residents, as evidenced by their commitment to maintain high standards that support sobriety. Like clockwork, I received weekly reports on my son’s challenges and progress, along with sophisticated and flexible strategies for ongoing improvement. For example, when my son needed special accommodations to continue college classes, they provided a quiet space for him to work. And because I live far away, they were willing to “go the extra mile” to help arrange independent living and to help purchase a car. Lighthouse Recovery has made a positive lifechanging impact on my son’s recovery and personal development, for which I will be eternally grateful. Deborah Hamm, MDread more
Ford McGowen
Lighthouse us by far one of the best sober communities a man trying to recover can find! I was a resident at lighthouse for 6 months and my experience was amazing. I developed and still hold relationships with all of the friends and staff I met there who I know will still answer my call day or... night if I ever need to talk or meet! During my time there was a ton to do with community that never felt forced or overbearing because I grew to love the community I had become a part of. To this day, I never thought I would meet my closest friends there, but truth of the matter is I found my second home and met people that I consider family. For any family trying to consider somewhere for their child or any man looking to improve his way of life, look no further because the Lighthouse community is one that you would be blessed to be a part more
tammy Mcgowen
Per the recommendation of a young man we were working with, and after visiting with the Lighthouse staff, we chose to place our 19 year old son there after a 3 month stint at rehab. I especially liked the idea of a "one-stop shop" - his individual counseling and group counseling would take place... at the home office while his living facility was in a home in a neighborhood.Our son had a house manager who helped manage all of his comings and goings, facilitated always making sure he was where he needed to be when he needed to be there. He also had a case-manager who was our liason who kept up with us a minimum of a weekly call, but more if needed.Throughout our son's 8.5 month stay, there were definitely ups and downs - not by Lighthouse but either his own doing or having issues with some of the other residents. The staff helped him navigate the course when things were tough. He also had made the choice to really work the program and not just exist to get by. We have gotten to know some of his friends from Lighthouse and have had several of them to our home to eat or hang out. I found that when I allowed Lighthouse to do their job and me take a back seat (which can be hard for parents) things always worked better. The directed me at times on when and what to do.I would highly recommend Lighthouse to those looking for a sober living facility if a sober living home is recommended for your son. I, however, would not recommend anything unless your son is ready/has expressed interest in wanting to get help/get better - everything seemed to be a waste until he was ready.Our son is now back living in our home and this has been a transition. Lighthouse has continued to be involved - he meets with this case manager, life-skills manager & therapist weekly and we also attend a family therapy session which is proving quite helpful because him coming home has been great but not without some hiccups!read more
Charles Manning
Great mission-driven organization!
Alex Castine
I found myself at lighthouse after spending 90 days in residential treatment. The transition into the real world could not have been smoother. I am very pleased with the care I was given and after a solid year there I learned more about myself than I thought I would. They truly took the time to... help me turn my life around and I can honestly say I would not be where I am at today without their help! Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a place for themselves or a struggling loved one!read more
Ryan Tesnow
A truly special place. I was blessed to be a client and an employee. Was surrounded by wonderful people who guided me through my recovery and gave me the tools to grow personally and professionally. A wonderful place run by people who just want to give back what was once given to them.
Oliver Coreaux
Fantastic recovery community at Lighthouse. Strong IOP program and the nicest Sober Living homes I've ever seen. Would highly recommend. Look nowhere else.
Kevin Estel
After years of attempting to get sober from drugs and alcohol, I never thought it was possible for me to live a sober life and be happy simultaneously. Lighthouse Recovery was the 7th treatment I attended in my life. At the beginning I was immediately met with love and care from their staff. I was... really grateful that they didn’t force the twelve steps down my throat daily. They let me have my own experience. With the support from case management, recovery coaching, groups, house managers, and my roommates I was given a new experience with the steps & recovery.The beauty of Lighthouse is that they allowed me to experience real life circumstances such as obtaining employment , all while getting to come home to a loving and caring environment. I was about to actually experience real life and at the same time receive long term treatment.Lighthouse truly cares about each individual client, and I was able to tell this by receiving consistent support from everybody in the company. After staying at lighthouse for 6 months, I successfully completed the program and am sober to this day. If I was ever in a position to send a loved one into a treatment program, Lighthouse Recovery would be my first more
Minhaj Qidwai
The most incredible and perfect recovery process in Texas, bar none. I've seen so many people bounce in and out of treatment trying their best to fight the terrible disease of addiction. But once they bounce into here, it's the last time. Everything from their comprehensive counseling, therapy,... treatment, living situation, style of approach, value for the money, everything is SO IN DEPTH and tailored for exactly what someone needs to not only get sober but stay sober, fight addiction, and learn how to live again. If you're looking for your loved one to recover, do NOT look anywhere more
James L.
This place is absolutely wonderful! From the staff, facilities and dedication to helping those get their life on track after completing a 12 step program. Mike Jones and his staff are very caring, understanding and patient with their clients. The houses are conveniently located throughout North... Dallas and the main office as well. This is without one of the best sober living facilities in Dallas by far, I highly recommend it. If one is sincere about maintaining their sobriety through the fellowship of AA/NA look no further. The ONLY downside for me was the cost but they will work with you to assure that you get the help you need!read more
Kristen Rushlow
Peace, is the first word that comes to mind when I think about what Lighthouse Recovery was able to offer my family. The amazing staff understood exactly what my loved one needed allowing us both to engage in new healthy lifestyles. I wholeheartedly believe this program saved my loved one’s life.... More specifically, IOP allowed him to open up about the struggles he had previously buried deep within himself and work through them with experienced counselors surrounded by a group of people who related perfectly to what he was going through. There is truly no better setting to recover!read more
Todd Bill davis
I been in Dallas 10 yrs in and out of sober living really going through the motions most of the time and kept falling back in addictionI met Mike's Jones owner and director of light house 9 yrs ago and he moved on from the place we met at about 2 yrs ago I go back in touch with him now he owns... and runs his own place lighthouse, he said maybe u need to try something different and I decided to go to lighthouse. It was first time in 4 yrs I had any time clean. Felt good but that then u have to continue to do what was working after u leave a sober place.I been to many rehabs and feel that's good some times for separation for u and most I feel to give the family a brake too. But sober living gives u time to get yourself together around ether brothers calling u out and also aloud to get back to work why still in a structured place for a time bec rehab is one can go to a safe bubble and over night ur back in the wild and wonder why u r using in 2 days. If you’re wondering why sober living helps u have a smother longer transition then a spin dry bubble that takes a yr to pay for and u end up going over and over. u never get to use any tools they gave u and hav any one there to help u if ur having a bad day. So take time going to a sober house for 3 months, 6 months or a yr. It gives u the time to get back on your feet and re-emerge into society with accountability. Mike Jones has taken put all the bsd from sober sober living you could go to and then made lighthouse. People stay here for longer because it works for uread more
Kelly Wilson
The Staff is awesome! It’s a class act and what they say they will do is what they do. If you do the work it works and they understand addiction and it’s multi faceted issues that go with it! I cannot say enough about this facility and the commitment to helping in this disease.
Andrew Harris
Love the staff and very clean, comfortable, convenient space! Would definitely recommend to a friend or family member to focus on his health.
ace salt
This program literally saved my cousins life. He struggled in his battle with addiction for years, failing over and over again at countless programs that our family put him through. The process of watching the drugs destroy him . slowly over time, physically and mentally was excruciating and all... of us who tried to help him were devastated every time he would get kicked out or fail out of another program and go back to using. We found out about Lighthouse recovery after meeting a lovely British man while traveling who was involved in the management team over there and said that it was one of the top-notch programs because they really catered to the individual (every program says they follow custom treatment plans) but that Lighthouse really took their time to understand each client's unique pains and help them learn how to face the root of their addiction while building lives that were worth staying sober for. I am not sure what sort of magic they were able to work but after 8 months in their program, we have our cousin back. It is such a joy to see how much he has transform-red- physically, emotionally, and maturity-wise, since his time at lighthouse. It is like we found a family member we thought we had lost long ago and seeing him at family functions, with the lights back on his eyes, a smile . on his face, and finally being the wonderful person we all knew he was always capable of is a gift that I cold have never imagined possible. We are all truly so grateful for the wonderful program there and recommend it to anyone who has lost hope for their family member. We have ours back thanks to the team at Lighthouse Recovery Centers and we are forever grateful for thatread more
James Zuech
If you truly want to be somewhere surrounded by people who care about the well-being of you and your family, then this is the placeIf you’re hesitant about trying a sober living, just give them a call!
Robert Kowalski
What a relief when Jeff picked our son up from the streets & took him to one of their sober living houses. They have worked with him (even through 2 short relapses), loved him and kept him on a great recovery path. Dr. Spencer has gotten him on the right meds & Amber has provided great therapy for... him and us. We are so happy for him (& us).read more
beau dunn
Great staff! Extremely focused on the task at hand.. The staff at Lighthouse truly care about their clients and do everything possible to carry out that mission.. Lighthouse puts the clients first.. They are focused on recovery.! I know for me, I couldn’t have asked for a better place to go to.. ... Their services, etc are top notch!read more
Taylor Hensley
I went to lighthouse after treatment. It was the guidance and community i needed to build the foundation for my recovery
Tommy Wallin
Honest, hard working, caring staff that are in it for you. Very grateful for the impact they have made in my life. They want you to succeed and be happy in a life of recovery, couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Truly grateful!
faith floyd
The dedication and commitment I’ve seen at Lighthouse is truly a blessing. The care deeply about each and every man that comes through their program.
Matthew W
A positive, caring place that believes in what each of us is capable of. The Lighthouse team goes above and beyond to change lives. I can’t express how much I appreciate this organization. Thank you for all that you do!
Clay Wallace
I have been extremely impressed with the caring and supportive staff at Lighthouse Recovery. Our son thrived as an in-patient and is well on the road to one year of sober living. The facilities and location are very nice with lots of opportunities available to aid the patient's recovery. This is... a place where you can get more
Logan “Wolverine” N
Excellent sober living with excellent staff. This is how a sober living should be run.
Clark Scroggin
I highly recommend Lighthouse for anyone looking into sober living facilities. I had a family member spend two months there. The program is solid and facilities are nice. The owner, Mike Jones, is very involved in the day to day operations and genuinely cares about the well being and... success of all the more
leigh anne roden
I cannot say enough about this place. They have lead and guided my son for 10 months. He is 19 and has been in and out of facilities and extended care since he was 14. He has grown tremendously while at Lighthouse. THEY TRULY CARE! I am more than willing to talk to anyone who is considering sober... living for themselves or their more
Judy Gasser
Lighthouse Recovery went above and beyond to help my son. I am grateful for the support he received while in their care. Their comprehensive program was exactly what my son needed to get his life back on track and to start believing in himself again. I highly recommend this program. The homes... are beautiful and the staff truly care about the more
Jack Nichols
Lighthouse Recovery is an impressive sober living environment. Mike Jones and his group have conceived and created a comprehensive support plan for their residents and staffed their houses with the most caring and qualified personnel I have encountered. They are in touch with their resident's... recovery needs and act quickly to recommend and provide the services to meet those more
Kyle Bergin
While our son was still at rehab, we learned of the importance of finding a good sober living home to help implement the newfound sobriety into more day to day living outside of treatment. We were referred to a few different sober living homes in the Dallas area, and after doing some online... research and visiting a few in person, we decided upon Lighthouse Recovery Services in Dallas. We chose Lighthouse because of its “individually tailored” approach to each client and them realizing that everyone is unique in their recovery. Our son lived at Lighthouse for five months and developed a strong foundation for his lifelong recovery. I am proud to say we just celebrated our sons thirteen month sobriety anniversary and he just started back at UNT in Denton. I highly recommend both Lighthouse sober more
Pam Kingsley
The Lighthouse was the second best decision following treatment for our son that we made . The staff implements the 12 step recovery with the residents and lives it daily with them.They teach accountability, responsibility, and many life skills you can’t get without a community of supporters . Mike... Jones and all the staff members become family to each resident with love and guidance that you may not get outside a sober living setting . We are forever grateful for all they did to help our son become a strong confident young man !read more
Jalisa Council
Lighthouse Recovery is a beautiful, loving and supportive community that impacts the life of men in recovery every minute of everyday! As a Discharge Coordinator for a residential program I want to be able to see the exact spaces I am sending my clients! Mike, Jordan, Coy and all the other men that... daily make the operations of the home come together are individuals that truly inspire every single person they talk too! I would highly recommend Lighthouse Recovery to any client that walks in my office! Great job!read more
Adam M
This is without a doubt a well thought out program. The houses are well appointment and very clean. When you speak to the management team and owners it becomes evident that they really do care about the families and wellbeing of their patients.
Stacey Hayhurst DelVal
Mike Jones and his staff have done a great job providing a warm home environment with the accountability and clinical pieces that their clients need to be successful in their sobriety. I’m always grateful for their quick response to inquiries for families I’m working with.
William Mckinney
Amazing sober community, staff is amazing, houses are amazing, great hands on work with clients. Very connected in the sober community!
William Crasto
I stayed at Lighthouse for about five months after I got out of treatment. The staff is amazing, the house is extremely nice, and the community is proactive. Lighthouse showed me how to live life as a sober man. I would not be where I am today without this amazing place. A huge thanks to the staff... for getting me back on my feet!read more
William Crasto
I stayed at Lighthouse for about five months after I got out of treatment. The staff is amazing, the house is extremely nice, and the community is proactive. Lighthouse showed me how to live life as a sober man. I would not be where I am today without this amazing place. A huge thanks to the staff... for getting me back on my feet!read more
Connor McEntire
I highly recommend Lighthouse Recovery for anyone searching for a male sober living community. The staff, program, and the houses themselves are some of the best in the DFW are.
Connor McEntire
I highly recommend Lighthouse Recovery for anyone searching for a male sober living community. The staff, program, and the houses themselves are some of best in the DFW area.
Kory Jones
The quality of care at Lighthouse is outstanding. You couldn’t find a more caring or involved staff. The houses are excellent as well.
michael d
Having worked with Lighthouse and being in recovery myself , I would highly recommend Lighthouse for anyone looking for a nice sober living in Dallas. Mike jones is an absolute hero and the whole team are great over there.
Adam G
I really love the community here and the fact that most of the staff are alumni. It really says alot about a place when people are willing to come back and work there.
Michael Conner
As someone who has been in recovery for about 8 years, has spent 3 of those years in sober living, and one and a half in an Oxford House, I can attest from experience that the program offered at Lighthouse affords the best possible care for those who choose to accept their help. Great place and... great people. Highly more
Garrett Traylor
Amazing houses and staff! Lighthouse is where I got sober and got my life back together. Would not be where I am at today without their program. Highly highly recommend!!
Garrett Traylor
Amazing program with a staff who genuinely cares about each individual and their needs. Unlike any other program around! Hands down best sober living in DFW area.
Daniel Bartlett
Lighthouse is a program like no other. Their staff go above and beyond. Wonderful program!!!!!
Brian Schmidt
Great staff. Clean Place. Very spacious with tons of natural light. It provided my business partner a place to focus on his health and future business operations.
Danny Miller
One of my family members went to lighthouse this past winter. Worked VERY well for him and couldn’t be any more grateful. The house was really nice, really nice. Seriously amazing staff, would recommend to anyone.
Evan Powell
Have worked collaboratively with this team on numerous occasions. A great, professional, and tenacious team who are truly dedicated to helping those in need.
Natalie Stoclet
An incredible program with hard working people. Would definitely recommend!
Alex Stoclet
Phenomenal program and staff. Their houses are equally as fantastic and very well located. They were super helpful along all steps of the process and, most importantly, genuinely cared. Couldn't give a bigger recommendation!!
Tate Bowden
Great staff, pros at every part of the process. Nicer and cleaner homes than anywhere else I've seen.
Evan Powell
They have a great team and a beautiful house - I would recommend this to anyone in the Dallas area.
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