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Hallucinogens Addiction Treatment in Dallas, TX

What Are Hallucinogens?

hallucinogen is a drug that distorts a person’s perceptions of reality. Hallucinogens may be found in naturally occurring plants or can be laboratory-created. There are two types of hallucinogens:

  • Psychedelics – These include mushrooms, LSD, mescaline, and peyote. The result of using these drugs is an increase in the processing of everything in a user’s environment. This means they will feel as if they are unfiltered and feeling their world completely.
  • Dissociatives – These include ketamine, salvia, and PCP. Using these drugs involves an out-of-body experience that deprives the user of certain sensory perceptions.

Each hallucinogen presents its results by affecting different parts of the user’s brain chemistry.


Are Hallucinogens Addictive?

Although there are people utilizing hallucinogens for medical and religious purposes, there is quite a number that cannot regulate their use. These individuals often encounter their addiction through a first-time casual use that turns into an inability to stop using.

Hallucinogen addiction can be challenging for people to admit, as hallucinogens are commonly used recreationally. However, hallucinogens are highly addictive, and those with addictive tendencies may fall prey to them more easily. Moreover, people may find that they can only “feel” how they want to when using drugs. In these cases, the person may begin to believe they cannot be the same fun person they can be when using hallucinogens.

The fact is that hallucinogens can take hold of someone quickly and quietly. When using hallucinogens, a person may see themselves as only experimenting. The person may also chalk any side effects to just being part of the ride. However, it should be noted that people who use hallucinogens regularly will begin to develop a tolerance. This tolerance leads to a need for higher doses to find the same effects. If left untreated, the momentary disconnect that the drugs provide turns into long-term mental health issues.


Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment Options in Dallas, TX

The treatment for hallucinogen addiction is twofold. Treatment will involve therapy, both group and individual, as well as medication-assisted treatment (MAT). This approach will remove some of the anxiety associated with coming off a regular amount of hallucinogens while delving into the reasons for continued use.

Medical professionals will ensure that not only are people learning about the origins of their addiction but also making strides to deal with any physical side effects of prolonged use.


Benefits of Hallucinogen Addiction Treatment

There are numerous benefits to committing to addiction treatment. The first is that it shows a willingness to admit to your issues. This step can often be the most challenging part. However, it can be empowering to know that you will no longer allow yourself to be burdened by addiction and that you are taking back control of your life. A person struggling with a substance addiction must remember this affirmation and hold onto it during difficult moments in treatment.

Once treatment begins, you will eventually learn to rediscover the experiences and emotions initially thought to only come from hallucinogens. Help can be found with the assistance of medical professionals and group therapy. You will gradually understand that the need for hallucinogens does not involve actual reality and that real positive emotions and experiences can be found elsewhere.

What’s the Treatment for Hallucinogen Addiction

The choice of treatment is made after a thorough assessment of your addiction history, current circumstances, and personal goals. Lighthouse’s approach to determining the most suitable treatment is based on a comprehensive assessment of your unique needs. Here are some key treatment options for hallucinogen addiction:

  • Inpatient Program: For those in need of intensive, structured care, our partial hospitalization program provides a high level of support. It offers comprehensive therapy, medical assistance, and psychiatric care while allowing you to return home in the evenings. Inpatient care is recommended for persons with a long history of substance abuse.
  • Outpatient Program: If you’re seeking a flexible treatment approach, our intensive outpatient program may be the right choice. It involves multiple weekly therapy sessions to address the challenges of hallucinogen addiction while accommodating your daily commitments.
  • Individual and Group Therapy: Our residential program offers a stable, drug-free environment for individuals requiring more structured care. It enables you to concentrate on recovery through individual and group therapy while gradually transitioning back into daily life.


Hallucinogens Addiction Treatment in Dallas, TX

It is essential to remember that everyone has addictions and mental health issues. When you arrive at Lighthouse Recovery, we start with a full assessment to determine the best course of care for you. Considering the level of dependency, we may recommend our partial hospitalization program (PHP) in Dallas, or our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). You will have time with a medical professional and support groups. You will have the opportunity to discuss your journey to reliance on hallucinogens.

Our program exists to transform you from a person dependent on addictions for sensations to someone who feels comfortable dealing with negative emotions as they come. We can show you how to address what is missing and fill the gaps naturally. At Lighthouse Recovery, we will escort you down the path to healing. We know that sobriety is essential to you, making it necessary for us.

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