Our Philosophy

We address core issues undermining recovery, provide a tailored approach for each individual, and create an engaging learning environment.


Extended Treatment programs give individuals the accountability, structure, and real-world applications that are necessary for long-term success. For this reason, Lighthouse focuses solely on long-term treatment and has built each subset of our program utilizing a holistic approach.


Our programming balances a variety of clinical modalities and a focus on life-skills training, giving clients the insight, experience, tools, and confidence they need to lead rewarding and independent lives.


Recovery is a process that requires real change, starting with an intensive and often uncomfortable confrontation with reality. We’ve worked to guide hundreds of clients and their families through this transformative experience.


Each individual’s circumstance is entirely unique, as are the drivers behind one’s addiction. Our staff-to-client ratio, program structure, and holistic approach allows us to work on a customizable basis with each client.


It’s no secret people struggle in recovery and often return to treatment multiple times. Nearly all cited studies show dramatically increased success rates when Inpatient Treatment is followed up with aftercare programming.

The first 30 to 90 days after initial treatment are the most critical for preventing a drug relapse, as most occur within this time frame. Studies show a near 100% relapse rate when Inpatient Treatment is not followed up with aftercare.


of individuals relapse within one (1) year.

of individuals will relapse if Primary Treatment is NOT followed up with additional programming.


more individuals are likely to succeed having achieved two years of sobriety.