About Us

Lighthouse was founded in 2016 to provide an intentionally designed, individually tailored, and community-focused approach to Addiction Treatment. We've since worked to help hundreds of clients and their families.

Mike Jones

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Mike Jones directs all facets of the Lighthouse Program. He is responsible for the creation of our philosophy and works directly with staff, clients, and families. Mike has worked in the industry for over a decade.

Amber Wrye

Clinical Director, M.S., L.P.C., L.C.D.C.

Amber works to create, implement, and oversee the group, individual, and family clinical programs at Lighthouse. She has worked in the recovery industry in a professional capacity for over 10 years in a variety of roles and brings an empathetic and caring approach to all those she works with.

Aaron Stacey

Director of Operations

Aaron is tasked with oversight of our Community Managers and works directly with clients and families as a Case Manager. Aaron specializes in conflict-resolution and life-skills training and is nearing a decade of industry-specific experience.

Stephan Marion

Director of Business Development and Admissions

Stephan focuses primarily on community outreach with like-minded treatment providers. He also ensures each potential client is a proper match for our programming. Stephan has worked in the industry for over a decade and speaks regularly at conferences on the topic of “financial responsibility in sobriety.”

Jeff Ruffin

General Manager

Jeff works to ensure all operations are running smoothly and brings a wealth of experience having previously worked at a Fortune 50 Healthcare company. Jeff works directly with all staff members and with clients and families as a Case Manager.

Jon Juhlin

Therapist, M.S., L.P.C., CSAT (C)

Jon received both a Bachelor of Arts and Masters in Counseling degrees from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. He is a proud member of the National Association of Addiction Professionals, as well at the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals, and The International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals.

Carey Ferren

Therapist, L.C.D.C.

Carey is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor who received his Bachelor of Science degree from University of North Texas in Dallas. Carey brings a wealth of experience to the Lighthouse Clinical program with specific focuses in Substance Abuse Counseling, Mindfulness, Crisis Intervention, and Family Therapy.

Megan Weaver

Compliance Consultant, SHRM-CP

With more than a decade of experience in behavioral healthcare compliance, including HR management, personnel training and development, insurance billing/utilization review, operations management, and policy and procedure development, Megan has been responsible for leading treatment facility operations, compliance, and human resource departments for numerous behavioral healthcare programs.

Nate Maxfield

Community Manager

Nate has worked at a variety of Sober Living facilities, but came to Lighthouse inspired by our philosophy and individualized approach to extended treatment. Nate works directly with residents, providing insight, guidance, and daily structure.

Colby Floyd

Community Manager

As our most tenured Community Manager, Colby works directly with clients and families and is the live-in House Manager at one of our homes. He works as a trusted advisor, providing insight, direction, and reflection to our residents.

John Bowden

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

John graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Economics with Financial Applications and minors in Philosophy, History, and Art History. He began his professional career in Texas creating marketing platforms for a variety of real estate, oil and gas, and technology companies. John works closely across all facets of the Lighthouse program providing operational support, growth strategy, marketing strategy, financial planning and reporting, compliance, and program design.

Robert Tobolowsky

Real Estate and Financial Advisor

Having graduated from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Economics with Financial Applications, Robert began his professional career at Pegasus Ablon, a Commercial Real Estate investment and development company in Dallas, TX. He then moved to Powder Mountain, UT to join Summit Series. Within his role on the development team, he coordinated acquisition financing. At Lighthouse, he’s responsible for consulting on both the financial and real estate components of the business.

Michael Van Deventer

Program Advisor

Michael has been active in the Los Angeles Recovery Community since 2014 having finally found success in recovery through a stay at an extended care program, after numerous failed attempts at Primary Treatment Centers. After six months at the program, Michael was hired to help oversee programming aspects of the community, before starting work as a Sober Mentor and Companion. Michael worked closely with a variety of clientele and their families, providing personalized 24hr care and guidance.

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