Frequently Asked Questions


When and why was Lighthouse founded?

Lighthouse was founded in 2016 to provide an intentionally designed, individually tailored, and community-focused approach to Addiction Treatment.   Our extended treatment programs give individuals the accountability, structure, and real-world applications needed to not only overcome addiction, but to succeed in life.

What services does Lighthouse Recovery offer?

Lighthouse Recovery provides a comprehensive suite of addiction treatment services in Dallas, including Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP)Sober LivingRecovery Coaching, Safe Transportation, Sober Companion and Intervention Services. All of our addiction services are designed to dramatically increase long-term results. 

What is the Lighthouse philosophy?

We address the core issues that continue to undermine long-term recovery.  By providing a tailored approach for each individual, we are able to treat the deficiencies that continue to hinder their progress.   Every individual affected by addiction is capable of returning to a normal life, if they are equipped with the proper tools.

Why should I trust Lighthouse Recovery with my loved one?

With over 50 years of addiction treatment experience, our staff understands the issues that continue derail recovery.   By taking the time to learn about our clients, their history, and their needs, we are able to address the whole picture and not just pieces of it.   Our approach to the issues associated with addiction, allows us to move even the toughest of cases forward in the recovery journey.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

What is IOP?

IOP or Intensive Outpatient is a lower level of care on the spectrum of treatment.   It usually consists of 3 – 3 hour group sessions a week with a licensed therapist and at least 1 – 1 hour individual therapy session.   IOP is perfect for those stepping down from a Residential or Inpatient Treatment Center or those that are unable to commit to going away for a minimum of 30 days.   IOP is often a good alternative for those with families or careers that they are unable to take too much time away from.

Is IOP right for me?

Intensive outpatient is suitable for most people at some point in their journey.  Although we like to be able to help as many individuals as possible at Lighthouse, some clients require a higher level of care initially due to the severity of their addiction and are later suitable for the IOP level of care.  We offer a free assessment for everyone who calls needing help with no obligation to enroll in our programs.  Let one of our trained professionals help you make the determination.

How long does IOP last?

Typically, IOP or Intensive Outpatient lasts 8 to 12 weeks.   There are a number of factors that help determine the program length, such as insurance benefits, medical necessity, and engagement.

How much does IOP cost?

Treatment can be expensive, but IOP is often on the lower end cost-wise when comparing it to Residential or Inpatient care.  We are able to work with most private insurance policies to help offset the cost of your treatment with us.  If for some reason your insurance doesn’t cover our program or you don’t have insurance, we can always discuss our Scholarship Self-Pay rates.   Our finance team may be able to help you set up a payment plan, if you are unable to come up with the full cost upfront. 

What happens if I relapse in an IOP?

As unfortunate as it may appear to be at the time, every experience can be turned into a positive lesson, if you are honest and seek immediate help.  For some people, relapse is part of the process and it only has to be a negative if you don’t work to get back on track.   It is hard for some people to come to terms with being addicted to alcohol or drugs, so a relapse could be the motivation to focus harder on their recovery.   If one does occur, call your support system and your program contact immediately.  One mistake does not have to derail your journey to lasting recovery and happiness.

Does this take the place of Rehab?

No, we are not a licensed residential treatment center or hospital.   Unfortunately, the severity of certain cases warrant a much higher level of care for stabilization.   When the client is stabilized and leaving a rehab or hospital, they usually become eligible for our services.  Our in depth admissions screening will determine which level of care is needed if you are not eligible for our services.

Sober Living

What is Sober Living?

Sober Living simply put, is a house or comparable dwelling that offers accountability and structure safe from drugs or alcohol for those on the path to recovery.   There are many different levels of sober living due to the different services and amenities that may be offered.

Does Sober Living take the place of Residential Rehab?

No, Sober Living does not take the place of Residential Rehab.   Although some Sober Living organizations offer additional services such as Life Skills or Individual Therapy on the side, they are not licensed by the state as a Rehab.   Residential Rehabs are licensed facilities that offer a robust clinical program in a setting that often removes the client from outside temptations.

Do you have additional services offered in your Sober Living?

Yes, we offer a variety of services that compliment your journey to recovery.   Life Skills, Sober Coaching, and Individual Therapy are a few of the additional services that can be found at Lighthouse Recovery.

How long do you stay in a Sober Living house?

There is no real set amount of time that you can stay in sober living, however, most sober living organizations require a minimum of a 90-day commitment.   The total length of your stay in sober living should be determined by your individual need for the services that are offered.   We see an average length of stay in our Sober Living around 5-8 months.

How much does Sober Living cost?

The cost of Sober Living can vary greatly; the more services and the nicer the amenities, usually the greater the cost.   Unfortunately, Sober Living is not covered by insurance, so the cost falls entirely on the individual or those that are helping to cover the cost for their stay.

Recovery Coaching

What is a Recovery Coach?

A Recovery Coach is simply a professional individual that helps guide others early in recovery, based on own their experience and training.   A Recovery Coach often becomes the hub of all communication and is able to assist in helping the client meet their goals.

Is Recovery Coaching right for me?

Yes, we are able to work with most cases that come to us.  There are however, some cases that are so severe that a residential or medical facility is the only place where they will be able to receive the help needed.  Even in cases like those, we are able to work with the individual after they have completed their treatment.

Is Recovery Coaching right for my family?

Yes, even when the addict/alcoholic is unwilling to get help, we can be there to support the family.   We strive to empower every family and arm them with the tools needed to give their loved one the best possible chance at recovery.   We assist in helping set and hold boundaries and grow towards a healthier family dynamic.

What is the average time needed in the Recovery Coaching program to be successful?

Every individual is different, therefore, their success has to be measured differently.  The amount of time spent in our program depends on the pace at which goals are met.  We understand that everyone works differently for their own personal success. We work with every client and their family to set short and long term goals on a schedule that makes sense. Once all goals are met and the client is showing stability and the skills needed for a lifetime of recovery, we consider that successful.    

What are your success rates?

Because we define success differently for every client and family based on their needs and goals, it is hard to quantify.  We work to achieve 100% success in all cases, however, addiction is a powerful disease.   We work with each client through any setbacks that may occur and help get them back on track as quickly as possible.  Even with setbacks, each person is able to be successful in achieving their personal goals.

Sober Companion

What is a Sober Companion?

A Sober Companion is a trained professional that is able to provide constant supervision and support for individuals that require round the clock assistance.   A Sober Companion can assist clients one on one up to 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  This type of service offers the greatest privacy and discretion to high-profile clientele.

How long does having a Sober Companion last?

The length of time that is required for a Sober Companion is directly determined by the client’s needs.   This service can last a few weeks on the low end and can go all the way up to many months in duration.

What issues can a Sober Companion help address?

A Sober Companion can help address a myriad of problem areas: sobriety, family systems, health and wellness, work/life balance, life skills, goal setting, and the construction of safe and supportive networks.

Intervention and Transportation

What is an Intervention?

An intervention is a highly planned and tailored event in which a group of family and/or friends intervene on a loved one that is suffering from addiction or mental health issues.   The goal is to convince the suffering person to agree to receive help for their issues and thus, start their own personal recovery journey.

Why should I use a trained and licensed Interventionist? 

Using a trained and licensed interventionist often gives you the best chance for success, while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the person you are trying to help.   A lot of things can go wrong in an intervention.  Only a trained and licensed interventionist will be able to guide the process in the direction it needs to go if something does go wrong.   The interventionist is able to offer support to all the parties involved in the interventionist.

What is a Sober Transport?

A sober transport is a trained professional that assists in getting your loved one to the treatment needed, safely.

Why should I use a Sober Transportation service?

Often times, there are a lot of emotions involved for all parties involved when sending a love one off for addiction treatment.   The use of this service drastically improves the chances of your loved one arriving at treatment safe and sound.