Dr. Brooke Keels

Clinical Director

Dr. Brooke Keels has Ph.D. in Psychology and over 15 years of direct counseling experience. Dr. Keels serves as the Clinical Director at Lighthouse and is responsible for the standard of care across the Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient, Supportive Outpatient, and Therapeutic programs.


What inspired you to choose this profession?

I chose this profession because I have seen first-hand the devastating effects of addiction both personally and professionally. Since working in this field over the last several years, I have also seen individuals and families find healing and reconciliation.

Though this field is very demanding, and the stakes are high, I have found no greater honor than walking alongside an individual and their family as they fight for freedom and recovery.

What would you want someone to know about working with you?

This may be better answered by some of our alumni, but I think what would be important for someone to know is that when you work with me, you will know you are not alone. I am very intentional about fighting with our clients for their recovery, and I believe people should feel seen, cared for, and heard when working with me.

I am also unable to be offended, and I love healthy confrontation…which makes for some very interesting therapy sessions. Lastly, I think it’s important to know that I love to have fun and laugh, so that is what we make sure and do with our clinical team and our clients.

Why do you work at Lighthouse?

I believe in Lighthouse. I have had a strong professional career, but Lighthouse stands out as the most ethical, honest, and intentional group of people that I have ever worked with. The leadership at Lighthouse is strong, healthy, and always fights to do the right thing. The culture of Lighthouse is that we always do what’s best for the client no matter the financial impact, and I am incredibly grateful to be a part of an organization that truly places people first.

What do you wish people knew about Lighthouse who might be hesitant to try it?

From a personal standpoint, I can say that I trust in this organization so much that I moved my family halfway across the country just to be a part of Lighthouse. The leadership and staff are trustworthy, smart, and they truly care about you. We have empathy for where you are at this moment, but we will not leave you there. Every single employee here could be doing something different, but we have chosen to work at Lighthouse in order to make a difference in your life.