Addiction Treatment in Dallas, TX

Change is possible. We employ a variety of treatment modalities proven to dramatically increase long term results.

Lighthouse’s unique programming approach is designed to help clients find and develop their own motivations, and lead them to sustained sobriety.

These services listed below represent phases of the Lighthouse Extended Care Program. They can be attended congruently or separately, dependent on the client’s history and needs. All of our programs are designed to dramatically increase long-term results.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Holistic and evidence-based approaches.

At Lighthouse Recovery, we believe that the PHP level of care should give our clients the strongest foundation possible upon which to build a successful and fulfilling life. It is a highly-focused program with groups meeting 5 days a week, for 6 hours a day, alongside individual therapy and psychiatric support. It is most often used in lieu of Residential Treatment (when combined with Sober Living) or as the first step-down post discharge from Residential. PHP gives clients the knowledge, tools, support, and structure to start building strength and confidence in their sobriety. PHP should be seen as the first step of an extended treatment program that also includes Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP) and possibly Sober Living.


Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Holistic and evidence-based approaches.

At Lighthouse Recovery, we believe that an Intensive Outpatient Program should provide a foundation not only for sobriety, but for a fulfilling life in recovery. Our approach is tailored to assess the needs of the client and then build a clinical program that supports the individual’s goals. The IOP level of care gives clients the tools and the opportunity for practical application – to build strength and confidence in their sobriety.

Our JCAHO-accredited Intensive Outpatient Program is located in the heart of Dallas and is easily accessible. We provide world-class IOP services in a beautiful and discrete setting near I-635 and the Dallas North Tollway. With decades of experience in the field, our team of professionals are capable of not only treating addiction, but also the underlying causes and conditions. We believe that both must be treated simultaneously in order to create maximum success. While IOP is not suitable in all cases, we believe it is a convenient and affordable option for most people.


Sober Living

Structure and support in early sobriety.

Our Sober Living program is designed for individuals in early sobriety that are in need of structure and support during the transitional period back to normality and independence. Our residents stay an average of 90-180 days. 

We provide over ten hours of group programming and one individual clinical therapy session per week. Transportation can be provided to school, work, or meetings, and our kitchen is always stocked with groceries. Randomized drug testing is provided at no additional cost. All rooms are dual-occupancy with no more than eight residents per house. All have full-time, live-in, House Managers in addition to Directorial and Support staff.

Recovery Coach in Dallas, TX.

Recovery Coaching

Continued guidance and accountability.

Our Recovery Coaches provide guidance and accountability for clients either discharging from Sober Living or for those who can manage a lower level of structure. Clients are enrolled for an average of 90-180 days. 

During Recovery Coaching, each client maintains a single point of contact for their recovery needs, resulting in better transparency and integrity. Each one of our Recovery Coaches have been trained extensively and are immersed in our philosophy. They’re able to share experiences from their personal journey and offer insight to commonly encountered problems along the way.


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