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Addiction robs a person of a lot of things. Once someone is dependent on a substance they lose their sense of independence along with their confidence. They become unsure of themselves and their ability to cope without drugs, which deepens the addiction. 

An important part of addiction treatment is helping a person rebuild their confidence so that they have the self-assuredness that’s needed to live a life independent of drugs and alcohol. But that doesn’t happen automatically once a person detoxes. Even completing an in-patient rehabilitation program isn’t a guarantee. Many patients finish in-patient treatment, but they aren’t fully ready to transition back to normal life. 

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) serve as a continuation of treatment. A PHP behavioral health program is designed to build a patient’s confidence as they progress through treatment and create a foundation for long-term sobriety. 

Becoming Part of a Supportive Community

Nothing builds confidence like having the support of others. Being in a PHP program means that you are part of a supportive community with experts that understand your disease and peers that identify with what you’re going through. It lets you know you are not alone and that recovery is possible. 

The PHP community actually offers a good balance of oversight and independence. You aren’t at the addiction recovery center 24/7, but you do have a group of people that are holding you accountable and working with you to maintain sobriety. It’s powerful motivation to stay the course when you’re on your own each night at home. And if your resolve starts to falter you know where you can turn to renew it. 

Your family members can also get vital support at many Partial Hospitalization ‘Programs in Dallas, TX. Many programs offer family counseling and host events that encourage family participation. There may even be support groups for family members. 

Rebuilding Skills for the Real World

In addition to addressing addiction, a PHP program helps patients rebuild skills and gain new ones that will help with the transition into sober living. Many people question their ability to function and thrive in society after an addiction, which is understandable. Addiction changes the way your brain works, it stalls learning and halts progress. Lack of options and skills may have also contributed to the addiction.

As patients rebuild life, communication and work skills they regain their confidence. They learn that they can function on their own without drugs. Little by little they prove to themselves that they can be a valuable member of society and stay sober on their own.

There are some distinct benefits of enrolling in a Partial Hospitalization Program in Dallas. One of the advantages is that there are so many opportunities and ways to build skills from getting out in nature to volunteering. There’s also a diverse job market so you can take just about any career path. 

Quick Rebound If There’s a Relapse

Relapse is a part of addiction recovery. Many people will relapse, but it’s what happens afterward that’s most important. When you’re in a PHP program you’ll be able to recover quickly because there are understanding people there to get you back on track. 

The staff at the addiction recovery center will work with you to adjust your treatment plan and address the issues that led to the relapse. They’ll help you process the emotions and take away lessons from the experience so you can continue on your journey to recovery. 

The Lighthouse Recovery Partial Hospitalization Program in Dallas, TX focuses on helping each patient gain confidence in themselves and their sobriety. This type of treatment program provides patients with a gradual transition from addiction to sobriety where they have time to build skills and support that leads to long-term recovery. 

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