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For decades, marijuana has been shrouded in a haze of misinformation and myths. One such misconception revolves around marijuana overdose. Can you “green out” so hard it becomes an overdose? While a true overdose in the medical sense is less likely with cannabis than with some other substances, greening out is a very real experience with unpleasant, and sometimes frightening, symptoms

What is Greening Out in Marijuana Addiction?

Imagine an intense high that takes a turn for the worse. That’s essentially what greening out is. It occurs when someone consumes too much marijuana, leading to a cascade of uncomfortable physical and psychological symptoms. While it’s not a true medical overdose, it can feel overwhelming and even scary.

Greening Out Meaning
The term “greening out” likely originates from the pale, almost greenish hue some people experience during this episode. It’s a slang term, but it perfectly captures the unpleasantness of the experience.

What Does Greening Out Feel Like?

The symptoms of greening out can vary from person to person and depend on the amount of marijuana consumed, tolerance levels, and other factors. However, some common telltale signs include:

  • Physical: Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, lightheadedness, sweating, chills, headaches, tremors, rapid heart rate, and decreased blood pressure.
  • Psychological: Anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, disorientation, confusion, and even mild hallucinations.

Is Greening Out the Same as an Overdose? 

While greening out shares some similarities with an overdose, it’s not considered one in the classical medical sense. A true overdose usually involves potentially life-threatening complications like respiratory depression or coma, which are quite rare with marijuana. However, the overwhelming and unpleasant symptoms of greening out can feel terrifying, prompting concern that something more serious is happening.

Symptoms of Marijuana Overdose:

While technically rare, a true marijuana overdose is possible, especially when combined with other drugs or in individuals with specific health conditions. Symptoms to watch for include:

  • Loss of Consciousness: This is a serious situation where a person becomes unresponsive and needs immediate attention.
  • Seizures: Sudden and uncontrolled brain activity, which can be very harmful to health.
  • Breathing Issues: Marijuana overdose can cause slow or shallow breathing, a serious concern.
  • Cyanosis: A bluish or purplish skin color can indicate oxygen deprivation linked to severe overdose.
  • Confusion or Agitation: Excessive use may lead to extreme confusion or agitation, which can be unsafe if behavior becomes erratic.

If you witness anyone experiencing these symptoms after consuming marijuana, seek immediate medical attention.

Treatments for Greening Out and Marijuana Overdose

There’s no magic cure for greening out, but you can take steps to ease the discomfort and support the person until the effects wear off. These include:

  • Staying calm and reassuring the person.
  • Providing a safe and quiet environment.
  • Helping them stay hydrated with water or clear liquids.
  • Avoiding caffeine and alcohol.
  • Encouraging deep, slow breaths.

While the symptoms of greening out can be unpleasant, they usually subside within a few hours. However, the experience can be a wake-up call, highlighting potential issues with one’s marijuana use.

Marijuana Overdose Treatment in Dallas

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