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Financial troubles seem to commonly come hand in hand with substance use disorder. As the addiction overrides all other priorities, individuals become less careful when it comes to their finances and more willing to spend everything they have in order to get the next fix. Needless to say, this pattern of financial recklessness has placed many sufferers in a position that prevents them from accessing expensive addiction treatment. Nonetheless, there are lots of free resources out there that aim to provide support and guidance without the need for payment.

Are There Free Rehab Centers?

The short answer is yes, but they’re not that easy to access. With rehab services in demand, there’s always a long list of potential patients waiting to get a slot. Since these facilities can only operate at a given capacity due to the limitation of their workforce, not everyone who walks in to get treatment will be catered to on the spot.

What’s more, free rehab centers often prioritize individuals who can provide proof of their economic need. This includes documentation and paperwork that testifies that you can’t afford to pay for addiction treatment given your present financial situation.

In 2018, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) conducted a survey to find out how many rehab facilities provided free or low-cost treatment for those who couldn’t afford it. Based on their findings, 45% of nearly 15,000 facilities across the country offer free treatment.

Of the same sample, 58% said that the offer low-cost treatment following a sliding fee scale. This means that the facilities take an amount that the client is capable of paying, adjusting their fees depending on each individual situation. Only about a fourth of these facilities are completely for-profit.

How to Get Addiction Treatment for Free

While the surveys conducted by SAMHSA showcase that there are quite a number of facilities out there that offer free addiction treatment, many of these centers admit that they don’t advertise their free treatment. So if you were interested in getting treatment without cost or at a low-cost, then you’d have to ask around.

For the most part, your primary care physician, specialist, or therapist should be able to help you locate a free addiction treatment center. You can also try any of the following to see if they can help pay for your treatment or refer you to a free/low-cost facility:

  • Medicare, Medicaid, and other medical insurance companies
  • State-funded addiction treatment programs

Free Addiction Treatment Resources

Aside from rehabilitation facilities, there are a range of other free resources you can try to assist in your journey to sobriety. These come in the form of websites, social groups, mobile applications, and virtual groups, giving participants a diverse range of treatment options. Some of them include:

  • Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous – Considered one of the most prominent recovery groups to date, Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous require just one thing from potential participants, and that’s the desire to get sober.

The group doesn’t have any fees or recurring dues, but they do pass around a hat at the end of each meeting. Participants aren’t required to make a payment, but they are encouraged to throw in whatever amount they can afford to help support the group’s meetings.

  • The Daily Pledge – This online resource organizes routine Zoom meetings for individuals seeking recovery. Their free, online, social community was established through the Hazelden Betty Ford Institute for Recovery Advocacy with the aim of providing accessible support to those who need it.

The Daily Pledge lets participants interact with one another and enjoy a safe space where anyone and everyone is welcome to receive support and friendship. They also offer a host of other resource materials on their website to help individuals grow in their sobriety and bolster their progress.

  • Sober Grid – The Sober Grid is a mobile application that provides a wealth of resources and help options for those who are going through recovery. The app works like a social media platform, making it easy for members to get in touch with other recovering individuals in and around their area.

With various resources made available through the app’s Sober Newsfeed, Sober Grid also provides a ‘Burning Desire’ button that users can press if they feel the urge to revisit their substance. This then informs other members of the platform so they can reach out to the individual and provide much needed support and encouragement to curb the use.

  • Recovery Speaker Series – Available through the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation website, the Recovery Speaker Series is an on-demand webinar that takes inspiration from the recovery stories of others who have gone through the throes of addiction and dependence.

Their series invites various individuals from the sphere of addiction recovery to talk about topics that can help others overcome their addiction. Some topics for their webinars include Creating Lasting Change, Powering Through the Pandemic, and Healthy Relationships During Recovery. Webinars are constantly updated so individuals can get fresh support as they move along.

  • Recovery 2.0 Global Community – As one of the most accessible resources for addiction treatment, Recovery 2.0 is a Facebook Group with the goal of bringing recovering individuals together to provide support, encouragement, and guidance. The Facebook Group has some 20,000 members, and also provides tons of resources through their website.

Offering everything from coaching programs, to food courses, retreats, and online conferences, Recovery 2.0 aims to provide holistic support and inspiration while spreading awareness about addiction and its treatment to remove the stigma from those who suffer from the condition.

There’s Always Somewhere to Turn

It’s true that addiction can significantly impact a person’s finances, leaving most sufferers unable to afford expensive treatment from private facilities. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any options left. There are a wealth of free resources for addiction treatment both in person and online, providing those with a yearning for sobriety all of the support and guidance they need to make the right choices.

With countless organizations and facilities working hard to provide every individual quality care at no or low cost, you can be sure to find a program that works perfectly for you — minus the expenses.

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