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Substance use is everywhere in the world. On television, in movies, in restaurants, at sports events, and even in places like museums. Everyone comes to the point where they have to ask themselves, do I need drug addiction help? Has my drinking or drug use become too much? As an adult, you have your own individual warning signs and limits. There are ways to get help, but also ways to help yourself.

Drug Addiction Help

If it ever comes to the point where you need alcohol or drug addiction help, there are programs and treatment centers to help you heal. You can get support, accountability, and a sober environment. Find help for drug or alcohol addiction at Lighthouse Recovery Texas.

Components of Addiction Treatment

After detoxing from substances, someone with substance use disorder (SUD) can get help at a treatment facility. We offer various programs to meet each individual’s needs. 

With treatment, a person will:

  • Receive therapy to work through the driving factors of addiction
  • Attend groups to see what the healing process can look like in peers
  • Receive peer support
  • Participate in support services, such as life-skills training or socio-emotional groups

With the help of a therapeutic treatment team at Lighthouse Recovery Texas, you will work to design a unique treatment program to help you heal. A person’s level of treatment is determined by a variety of factors, including:

  • Depending on the substances used
  • Length of time of substance use
  • Support systems available to a person
  • Prior life experiences
  • Social and cultural environment

Timeline of Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment may take as long as a person needs. When someone develops SUD, other co-occurring disorders may occur as well. Mental health is deeply connected to substance misuse. However, there are levels to treatment, which occur as follows:

  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP): Four weeks of programming, six hours per day, five days a week
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP): Three months, for three hours a day, for a total of three days a week
  • Sober living: Starts with a three months minimum commitment, but the average is around five months, with people staying until two years

If a person needs more intense treatment, there is also an extended care program. The extended care program offers all of the above treatments together. This way, for an extended time, you get different types of treatment to fill up your weeks. After you complete the treatment you need with us, you can get the assistance of a Recovery Coach for your first year of recovery. They are someone who has experience with recovery. You meet with your coach for an average of six-twelve months to keep on your path of recovery.

Do I Need Drug Addiction Help?

For a variety of reasons, a person may develop SUD. The three main contributing factors are due to someone’s genetics, the environment they were raised, and their exposure to drugs and alcohol. As an adult, it is up to each person to figure out their limits with substances. However, that is easier said than done.

If you are someone who is concerned that you may need drug addiction help, you may have noticed your own warning signs, such as:

  • Sacrificing time with friends and family to use substances
  • Using alone or hiding use
  • Feeling like you need to use whenever anything causes you the least bit of stress
  • Spending more money than you can afford on substances

Since substances are so easily available, it can be helpful to make sure you are informed about the signs of SUD. This can help you understand your own warning signs that something deeper is happening.

Early Intervention for Drug Addiction

One of the best things that can be done to help drug addiction is to intervene early. Substances can chemically alter your brain. Depending on the substances used, substances can chemically alter how you feel, think, and behave.

Making sure to stop the substance use before a disorder develops and takes over your brain is integral. Stopping substance use is the first step in recovery, but it is the hardest thing to do. Not wanting to stop using substances is one of the top reasons people do not seek treatment.

Before you get to the point where stopping substances feels impossible, an outpatient program can help treat a developing alcohol or drug addiction.

Finding Drug Addiction Help

When finding SUD treatment facility, it is important to do your research. Getting help for a mental disorder requires patience, kindness, and understanding. If you go to the wrong type of facility that does more harm to you, then you may not reach sustainable sobriety.

Looking into and understanding the different levels of care can be helpful if you think you are developing SUD. This way, you can guarantee that your needs will be met when you are enrolled in a program.

Mental health disorders, especially addiction, cause symptoms. A symptom of substance use disorder forces a person to seek substances without caring about the consequences. SUD can take over your entire life. If you need help with your drug addiction, Lighthouse Recovery Texas can be the place for you. We care about alleviating SUD symptoms but have a strong understanding of mental health care. You can find treatment for more than your addiction with us. Healing is possible with the right environment, therapy, and support. Call us at (214) 396-0259 to hear about your program options. Our partial hospitalization or Dallas intensive outpatient program can be the place where you reach sustainable sobriety.