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Lighthouse Recovery Texas Selected as a Center of Excellence

Lighthouse Recovery Texas is extremely pleased to announce that our addiction treatment centers in Dallas have been recognized by the Hall of Fame Behavioral Health organization. It’s a distinction that is shared with the highest quality rehab and outpatient programs across the country. 

As a Center of Excellence, Lighthouse Recovery Texas will be Hall of Fame Behavioral Health’s sole provider for outpatient rehab in Dallas. It is a role we are honored to have and we look forward to serving in every capacity. 

What is the Hall of Fame Behavior Health?

Hall of Fame Behavioral Health is a part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In recent years the mental health of professional football players has gotten a lot of long overdue attention. Due to brain injury, bodily injury, intense pressures to perform and societal pressures as a professional athlete, many NFL football players are at a higher risk of substance abuse. However, many athletes believe they need to “suck it up” and fail to get the assistance they need. 

The Hall of Behavioral Health was created to serve as a resource for athletes and their families. It’s an organization that is dedicated to advocating for athletes that are coping with mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse issues of every kind. The organization wants to bring awareness, reduce stigma and change the way our culture approaches care while helping people find the best solutions for their needs. 

Although the Hall of Fame Behavioral Health is closely tied to professional football, the organization provides assistance to all those who need it. In addition to athletes, the Hall of Fame Behavioral Health specializes in assisting veterans. 

What It Means to be a Center of Excellence

Being selected as a Center of Excellence is a huge honor for any of the rehab centers in Dallas, TX. It’s a distinction that is earned by providing the very best in care and treatment throughout the rehab and recovery process. 

Any addiction treatment center or intensive outpatient program in Dallas, TX and beyond that is named a Center of Excellence has been accredited by Hall of Fame Behavioral Health. The accreditation process is thorough and involves vetting by a third party.

The facilities that are chosen specialize in treating substance abuse disorders, behavioral health and mental health. Furthermore, to be selected as a Center of Excellence, the treatment center must provide customized services to meet a patient’s individual needs.

The goal is to create a network of treatment facilities across the country so that veterans, former athletes and their family members have access to reliable resources no matter where they live. Going to a Center of Excellence gives patients and their families reassurance that the treatment center offers solutions that are proven to be effective in treating substance abuse. It also helps knowing that our addiction treatment centers in Dallas work directly with the Hall of Fame Behavioral Health to make sure patients get the help they need.  

Lighthouse Recovery Texas is so honored to work with the Hall of Fame Behavioral Health. It’s an organization that is transforming lives for the better every day, and using its platform to also make a positive impact on society. 

Are you ready to find help from one the most respected rehab centers in Dallas, TX? All it takes is one call to put your future on a brighter path.

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