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If you’re one of the thousands of people currently enrolled at an addiction recovery center, there’s good news. Enrolling at an addiction treatment center is a great idea any time of year, but there are some additional benefits if you’re on track to get sober before summer. Here are five of the top reasons why the experts at our Dallas addiction centers think summer is the best time to be sober.  

The Extra Sunlight Improves Mood During the Summer

Anyone who’s in recovery will agree that being in a good mood helps you maintain sobriety. That makes summer the perfect season for being sober. The extra hours of sunlight during the summer months have been shown to have a positive impact on mood. When we’re exposed to sunlight, it increases the production of a brain chemical called serotonin. It helps to regulate and improve your mood while also increasing melatonin production for better sleep. 

Aim to spend at least 30 minutes outside in the sunlight to get the full mood-boosting effect. 

The Great Outdoors is Wide Open for Exercising

There’s a reason that many addiction treatment centers encourage patients to exercise. It’s because physical fitness aids in recovery. Exercising out in nature is particularly beneficial, and there’s no better time to exercise outdoors than during the summer. 

In fact, studies have shown that people are more likely to exercise when the weather is warm. The best part is all it takes is 10 minutes a day to get a serotonin boost from exercising. 

Why not try a water sport this summer? Or you can try to hike every mile of trail in your area. What’s most important is that you’re taking part in a healthy activity that supports sobriety. 

There’s a Lot of Temptation During the Summer

Summer has a way of putting people in the party spirit. Between backyard bar-be-cues, holidays and vacations, consuming alcohol and recreational drug use can be more common. If you aren’t sober yet, these temptations can keep you from entering an addiction treatment program or sticking with it. 

It’s the Perfect Time for Family Gatherings

Summertime is when people plan family reunions and vacations. Kids are out of school so there’s more time to spend with children and young family members. Having the support of family makes sobriety much easier to manage, especially when you’re in the early stages of recovery. During summer family members will have extra time to rally around you. 

You Can Celebrate Your Sobriety With a Summer Vacation

Getting sober and staying sober is a reason to celebrate, and there’s no better way to reward yourself than with a summer vacation. Plan a relaxing trip to the beach, go camping at a state park, or have a staycation and do the tourist attractions around town. Inviting the loved ones who helped you get into treatment is the perfect way to say thank you and make them part of the summer vacation sobriety celebration. 

Lighthouse Recovery can help you maintain your sobriety this summer with addiction treatment programs, such as our intensive outpatient program (IOP) and partial hospitalization program (PHP) in Dallas, TX, that are individualized and evidence-based. Contact our admissions team to learn more about our Dallas addiction center. 

Learn more about our services or contact us below to discover how Lighthouse can help you on your road to recovery today. Thank you for your trust.