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The thought of completing a program at an addiction treatment center is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. You’re getting back to normal life, which has always been the goal, but that normalcy takes work. There are a lot of triggers and temptations out in the real world that you’ll have to manage on your own. 

Hiding away at home isn’t the ideal solution. While you do want to minimize temptations and triggers as much as possible, you also want to get out there and experience life sober. That’s actually easy to do in a city like Dallas. Whether you’re looking for fun things to do alone in Dallas or with a group, there are plenty of activities that are entertaining for recovering addicts.

Take a Stroll Along the Dallas Pedestrian Network

Dallas may be a major metropolitan area, but there are still a lot of ways to enjoy the outdoors. The city actually has one of the most impressive pedestrian walking networks in the country. The three mile system includes a network of underground tunnels and sky bridges that offer amazing views. 

It’s one of the most unique urban walks you’ll even go on. But make sure to plan your walk during a weekday since the path is only open during the day Monday through Friday. 

Cedar Ridge Preserve

If you’re looking for more of a nature stroll than a walk through the urban jungle, then head over to Cedar Ridge Preserve. You can get a healthy dose of wilderness therapy while hiking 9 miles of trail in the Hill Country. Check the heat advisories before heading out, and don’t forget to bring plenty of water. 

Watch a Movie at the Coyote Drive-In Theater

Watching a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse alongside other patrons with drinks could be more tempting than entertaining. A better alternative is bringing your own snacks and beverages to the Coyote Drive-In Theater. You’ll have to make a trip to Fort Worth, but it’s worth it for the experience. Plus, it’s a double feature so you’ll get two movies for the price of one!

Take in the Cityscape at Reunion Tower

Play tourist for the day at Reunion Tower. The GeO Deck gives you a different perspective of the city. Looking at things from a distance can sometimes open up our minds more. If nothing else you’ll get to take in a great view of the city that you don’t get to see every day. There are also educational activities and special events throughout the year.

Meditate at Mastermind

At addiction treatment centers you’ll learn that staying mentally fit is just as important as staying physically fit. That’s what Mastermind is all about. It’s considered a mental wellness center where you can take part in meditation classes and mindfulness seminars. The goal is to calm and train the brain in ways that increase gratitude, focus and memory. 

Focus on Dietary Health at the Dallas Farmer’s Market

Eating a healthy diet is a big part of treatment at an addiction recovery center because wholesome foods nourish our entire body. It’s much easier to feel your best when you stock up on foods from the Dallas Farmers Market. If cooking isn’t your thing you’re in luck. The Dallas Farmer’s Market has a 26,000 square foot food hall that’s open every day of the week. 

Indulge in a Unique Sweet Treat at Milk Cream

After fueling up with fruits, veggies and other whole foods at the Dallas Farmer’s Market, you can indulge a little (or a whole lot) at Milk Cream. You’ll find some of the most decadent treats in the city at this dessert shop. Many ice cream concoctions are large so it doesn’t hurt to bring a friend. 

Botolino Gelato Artigianale is another unique sweet spot that is great for family time or even treating yourself.

Lighthouse Recovery is a Dallas addiction center that provides holistic, evidence-based care. In addition to counseling, therapy and skills training, we make sure treatment plans include social activities that reinforce sobriety. Contact our team to learn more about what Dallas addiction centers have to offer and which type of program is most suitable for your situation.

Learn more about our services or contact us below to discover how Lighthouse can help you on your road to recovery today. Thank you for your trust.