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The beginning of the year is when people reflect on the previous months and think about what they want to accomplish next. Making resolutions is a productive practice for anyone, including people who are in recovery for drug and alcohol addiction. 

When we are working with clients, it’s important that we acknowledge how getting through treatment and making the decision to transition to Sober Living in Dallas, TX is an accomplishment in itself. Sober Living Homes offer extra support that help clients in recovery stay on the course they’ve worked so hard to get on. 

As you enter this new phase of sobriety it’s a good time to set goals for the future. If you’ve recently moved to a Sober Living home or plan to in 2022, the advice below can help you make the most of the experience and set yourself up for success in the future. 

Set Yourself Up for Success With Small Goals That Build to Big Things

One mistake that many people make at the New Year is setting big goals. While going after big achievements is great, it can feel overwhelming. Not only can it trigger stress, big goals that seem near impossible to achieve can also cause inaction. If the goal seems too large some people feel like not trying is better than failing. 

The more effective strategy is to set small goals that build on each other. Rather than one big goal, try setting 3-5 small goals that work up to a big goal. We call this the “progress-based” approach. The great thing about this strategy is that completing each small goal is a small win that will motivate you to keep going. 

Connect With Others in the House for Added Accountability and Motivation

The other residents in Sober Living homes are some of your biggest supporters because they know exactly what you’re going through. They are great accountability partners that can give you encouragement when your motivation starts to slip and celebrate the wins with you.

Acting as an accountability partner for your housemates is also beneficial. It will help you keep your own progress in perspective. 

Focus on Creating a Healthy Environment

If you do a search for Sober Living houses near me you’ll find their locations, but you may not get a complete picture of the living environment. The environment of Sober Living homes is a huge factor in the overall experience and setting yourself up for the next stage of recovery. 

The Sober Living home you choose is going to largely determine the type of environment you’re in, but there are also ways you can create a healthy environment yourself. One way you can do this is by building a relationship with your Sober Living counselor. They can be a confidant when you’re experiencing issues and a guide for making your environment as healthy as possible. 

Another thing you can do is bring greenery into your bedroom. Indoor plants provide a number of benefits including stress reduction, air purification and increased productivity. You may even find that horticultural therapy, working with plants, helps relieve feelings of depression and anxiety.  

If you are looking for Sober Living near me and you are in the Dallas, TX metro area Lighthouse Recovery can help. Our world class Sober Living homes offer a low 3-to-1 resident to counselor ratio in a large home that houses no more than eight residents. We go to great lengths to create strong communities in our Sober Living Programs that foster the skills needed to maintain sobriety. 

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