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Treatment for substance use disorder is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Many different people in all kinds of unique situations choose to enter treatment, which puts huge importance on individualized care and support. Recovery coaching is one component of addiction treatment that will allow you to have your unique voice truly be heard as well as have strong, personal support right by your side.

What Is Recovery Coaching in an Addiction Treatment Program?

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), recovery coaches “walk side by side with individuals seeking recovery from substance abuse disorders.” They help you create individualized recovery plans and provide many different types of support.

The same SAMSHA resource also states that recovery coaches give nonclinical assistance in order to support long-term recovery from substance use disorders. Recovery coaching is found to be extremely effective, and has contributed to the following:

  • Decreased criminal justice system involvement
  • Reduced relapse rates
  • Greater housing stability
  • Decreased overall substance use

How Can a Recovery Coach Help Me?

Recovery coaches provide emotional support, help with housing and employment, and assist you in setting goals and structure in your life during treatment and beyond. Recovery coaches are also a great source of accountability, and they are someone you can lean on when you feel triggered or when things get tough.

Guided Support During an Outpatient Program

When you are enrolled in an outpatient addiction treatment program, it can often seem hard to adjust to this big life change. A quality outpatient program should provide structure, therapy, and medical support, but sometimes these elements are not enough. 

What happens when you feel triggered to turn to drug and alcohol use again? What about when you feel lost and lonely during treatment, or when you feel the boredom that substances used to fill? This is where a recovery coach comes in to help you with your unique needs and motivate you to keep going. Recovery coaches offer a true system of support and accountability as you go through treatment.

Continued Support After You’ve Completed Outpatient Treatment

After you have completed treatment in an outpatient addiction program, there are many steps to take as you prepare to re-enter daily life with long-term sobriety in mind. Recovery coaches can continue to help you through this process by assisting you in finding work, setting goals, and making sure you stay on the right track.

A recovery coach works with you individually to create a plan for long-term success after the successful completion of an outpatient program and beyond. Individualized care and support are vital to your continued sobriety. With a recovery coach, you will be sure to have your unique, personal needs met.

The Benefits of a Strong Support System for Addiction Treatment

It is no secret that addiction recovery can feel like a very lonely process. In order to get the most out of your treatment and ensure long-term success, you will need a strong support system to keep you accountable and resilient when you are struggling the most.

A quality addiction recovery program will include therapy elements like group and individual counseling, which can hold you accountable and help guide you along your journey. Sometimes, however, these clinical settings are simply not enough. A recovery coach will help you make the most out of your treatment with individualized support and nonclinical guidance, bridging the gap between clinical therapy and continued support for your unique needs.

Addiction Recovery Coaching at Lighthouse Recovery Texas

At Lighthouse Recovery Texas, you will be matched with a recovery coach for each step of your addiction recovery journey. From our partial hospitalization program to intensive outpatient program and beyond, you will have access to a recovery coach who will act as a strong pillar of continued guidance and support.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our PHP consists of a highly structured treatment program with a curriculum that is customized to your unique needs. The PHP lasts for four weeks, with 30 hours of programming, therapy, and psychiatric care. 

Unlike a standard PHP, the PHP at Lighthouse matches you with a recovery coach who can provide support outside of your weekly clinical programming. Your recovery coach will help you with your unique needs by setting goals, building engagement in outside recovery groups, and creating accountability along your journey.  

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Once you successfully complete the PHP program, you can step down to the IOP level of care. This program has similar treatment components to a PHP, but with a much less rigorous schedule. The IOP also provides you with a recovery coach who will continue to keep you accountable and help you build a plan for life beyond treatment.

Recovery Coaching After Program Completion

After six months you will graduate from Lighthouse’s outpatient addiction treatment program. At this point, you will continue to work with a recovery coach as the last piece of the extended care program. During this time you will work with your coach to set and achieve goals for daily life and continued sobriety. Your recovery coach will also update your family on a weekly basis to discuss progress and address any concerns. Successful completion of recovery coaching is usually the last piece of your structured aftercare program, and enrollment generally runs from 90 to 180 days. 

No matter where you are in your addiction treatment journey, the team at Lighthouse will make sure to match you with a recovery coach to keep you accountable and help set you up for long-term sobriety and success.

Recovery coaching is a powerful component of any quality addiction treatment program. Even though individuals should have access to clinical modalities of care like therapy and psychiatric support, sometimes that is simply not enough. A recovery coach will help you make the most out of your treatment with individualized support and nonclinical guidance, bridging the gap between clinical therapy and continued support for your unique needs. At Lighthouse Recovery Texas, our outpatient services provide a recovery coach to each client free of charge. A recovery coach will work with you by setting goals, creating accountability, and providing a true pillar of support. After a patient has completed structured outpatient treatment, a recovery coach will still be with you for at least the next 90 days to help set you up for long-term success as you re-enter the workforce and resume daily responsibilities. Give us a call today at (214) 717-5884.